The Wednesday Entertainment Fave Five

It’s Wednesday so that means one thing…it’s entertainment day! So without further ado, here are some of our fave five topics.
1. Michelle Obama is not Pregnant. Okay, tell us something we don’t know. For some bizarre reason there were rumors swirling that the First Lady was sporting a baby bump. But alas, thanks to O Magazine, we’ve gotten to the truth – she is not pregnant nor does she have any plans to get pregnant any time soon.
2. Madonna is trying to adopt…again. This time, the ageless pop diva is trying to adopt a little girl from Malawi but she’s running into some red tape since officials are saying she’s getting preferential treatment to fast track the process since she’s an A-List celebrity. Personally, I wonder what Lourdes and Rocco think about all their new siblings anyway? Inquiring moms want to know.
3. American Idol Update – Okay – why don’t they just hand Adam Lambert the entire competition. No contestant this year is in his league. He is unbelievable and they should just record his performances each week and release his CD once he’s done. And tune in on April Fool’s Day when David Cook returns to Idol and performs.
4. ER Series Finale – Though this season hasn’t been that terrific, I have to say that I will be tuning into the finale this Thursday night of one of my favorite medical dramas on network television. Plus, I’d love to see if Dr. Greg Ross makes a surprise appearance – or I’ll just be a big old sap and watch the clips from their most memorable shows.
5. Calista Flockhart Gets Engaged! While she already has a son with feature film star Harrison Ford, the couple finally plan to get hitched. Now hopefully, her character on Brothers & Sisters will stay married to Robert. Then we can all live happily ever after.