The Friday Fave Fives

Today’s Fave Five focuses on a potpourri of things that have transformed my life this week. From technology, to shopping finds to news you can use, I always love stumbling upon new things that make me smile, so here are my life lessons of the day.
1. It’s official…I love Skype. And it’s not because it makes it easier for me to connect with people anywhere in the world, but because my daughter, who’s getting ready to go to sleepaway camp for the first time, is getting the chance to Skype another camper so that she can get to know her before they even start their summer adventure. I just wrote about it on Momlogic if you’d like to hear how my daughter has managed to make a new friend and even counsel her about bullies at school.
2. I finally found a hand bag that holds my laptop and looks amazing at the same time. And I have Michael Kors to thank. After my overnight visit to Lambertville, New Jersey, we hit the outlets and I found myself the perfect black leather bag and have managed to fit my MacBook, files, purse, another smaller handbag, my notebook and dayplanner inside. Sure the bag then weighs about 70 pounds, but damn do I look good.
3. While rubbing my shoulders after unloading my fancy bag and realizing it might be causing a crick in my neck, I pulled my handy dandy Slendertone Revive massager out of my purse, strapped the gel pads on, adjusted the settings and managed within 20 minutes to get rid of the pain. Imagine that. Visit The Find, to check out Revive.
4. While at the gym this morning, I flipped on “The Doctors” and saw my favorite trainer from “The Biggest Loser” Jillian who dispelled some myths of fake foods that are actually fattening or just plain bad for you. And what did I learn? Butter spray actually has almost 900 calories in a bottle. So even though you think you’re spraying zero calories on your veggies, if you squirt too much, you better watch out. It turns out that olive oil is better than butter spray – and even more interesting, Jillian says if you drink olive oil, it’s really good for you. Somebody get me shot glass…stat!
5. After getting the chance to speak with Chandra Wilson last week, I was all jazzed up to watch another episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and I have to say, tonight’s episode was amazing. I love a great show that makes you cry – yes I’m a sap, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.