Why Can’t My Arms Be More Like Michelle’s?

images.jpegWhile surfing the ‘net today I came across this NY Times article by Maureen Dowd which tackles an important topic that has been circulating among Washington politicians and reporters…Michelle Obama’s arms. All I can say is, you have got to be kidding me. These old stodgy windbags, who spend the better part of Sunday mornings debating the decisions that President Obama has made since taking office, seem to be taking issue with the fact that the first lady likes to wear sleeveless dresses that show off her toned arms.
Well, as someone who has finally decided to hit the gym, I would gladly wear a sleeveless dress every day of the week (even in frigid temperatures) if I had perfectly chiseled arms. Unfortunately, at the moment, my arms are more of the “haddassah variety” – the undersides flop in the wind or move from side to side if you give it a gentle push.
I am sure the reason other women in Washington don’t bust out their buff biceps is because they all suffer the same fate as me…floppy arms. Women tend to wear what makes us feel comfortable. And since Michelle Obama is in peak physical condition, she’s entitled to wear whatever she wants – and frankly, her clothing choices are great. I love that she can go from department store to designer duds in a flash. And if another pudgy politician suggest she put on a jacket, I say we tell them to put down the fork and catch a few episodes of “The Biggest Loser.” Go Michelle go. Here’s hoping I can tone up in time for spring and wear a sleveless number too. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And if you’re like me and are cursed with the haddassah variety, grab a cover-up and welcome to the club.
And if you’re wondering what exercises you’d need to do to tone your arms and match Michelle Obama’s look? then click here, grab some weights and start pumping those arms!

Role Mommy to Interview Jodi Picoult!

Thumbnail image for Jodi Picoult - Change of Heart.JPGI have some news to share with all our Role Mommies. In a few days, I will be interviewing New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult on my Blog Talk Radio show!
Picoult, whose latest novel, Handle With Care, has just hit book shelves, is about to embark on a whirlwind tour. But before she does, Role Mommy will get the chance to catch up with this incredibly talented mom of three. I just received a copy of Picoult’s new book and am so excited to dive in. So while I’m doing a little speed reading, here’s my question to all our faithful subscribers, readers, and Jodi Picoult fans. If you had the chance to ask her one question, what would it be? Comment now with a link to your blog and we will give you a shout out on our show if your question makes the cut.
Meanwhile, in addition to our Role Mommy on the Run show that airs Fridays at 2pm, we’re going to be kicking off a new primetime show, called Role Mommy & Friends that will air on Wednesday nights at 7pm. Time to get ready for my close-up – or is that my pod-up?

Our Latest Blog Talk Radio Show

Today’s show was truly on the run when I learned that our car was towed just when we were about to start our latest show! Tune in to Kim at Traveling Mom and Role Mommy’s favorite right hand woman Bonny and find out if we managed to track down the car and make it back to the show in time. Click here to listen in.

Happy 97th Birthday Oreo!

In honor of Oreo’s 97th Birthday, my kids participated in a “Lick Race” to see which one could finish the tasty cream filling first. Check out how my kids fared and if you’d like to participate in a Lick Race, then buy a bag of oreos, shoot a video and get in on the action. Click here for details and find out how you can win prizes and possibly get the chance to meet Eli & Peyton Manning and Venus and Serena Williams! Oh and disregard the fact that I say it’s Oreo’s 50th birthday on the video – it’s their 97th birthday – either way, it’s a major milestone and at least even during these troubled times, you can still count on Oreo cookies to make you and your kids smile.

The Role Mommy Top Five

While commuting, trudging through the show and window shopping, I stumbled upon some fabulous bargains, booties, music and news you can use. So take a look, give a listen and click away!
1. Aerosoles is having a blowout shoe and boot sale. Yes, I know – they’re not Uggs or Manolos, but forget the labels and the nine inch heels – comfort is king and this store kicks some serious butt in the sale depart. I just picked up these adorable boots yesterday for $39! Yes – regularly $99 and down to $39! Aerosoles wins hands down for shoe deal of the week.
2. While I happen to shop religiously at Ann Taylor Loft, I’ve discovered a new store that has become my personal favorite – White House, Black Market. Their prices are the same as Loft but what you get at this store is service, service, service! There are plenty of sales reps ready to select the clothes that’ll fit you best and if you spend over a certain amount (that would be me), you get an instant discount at checkout and you don’t even have to sign up for their credit card to do it. I sent Kim at Mom in the City over their today and she came back with rave reviews. So run, don’t walk to White House, Black Market.
3. While trudging through the blizzard conditions on Monday, I ran into a chiuhua wearing booties on his paws. While doggy booties might be a bit over the top, I have to say it was totally adorable. Click here to find out where you can pick up a pair.
4. Listened to the radio this morning and found out that if you’re out of work, Fed-ex will be offering a special deal on March 10 – they will print out 25 copies of your resume free of charge on high quality paper. Go to Fedex.com for details.
5. I recently met Steve Greenberg, CEO of S-Curve Records (he launched the career of Joss Stone) who introduced me to a fabulous new artist – Diane Birch. She has the most amazing voice and her new CD was just released this week. If you want to listen in to her latest single, then click here.
For more tips on savings for moms and kids, then visit Mom Advice, Mommy’s Wishlist or Free Birthday Treats.
If you know of a great site that’ll help you save cash, then comment now! We need all the savings we can get!

A Few Good Book Picks of 2009

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of vlogging and all I have to say is that I never anticipated that video editing would be consuming most of time. Last night, I was busy editing together a reel for more than five hours. Then, the following morning, I continued editing throughout the day and finished the project at 5 pm!
Unfortunately, all this video stuff has prevented me from writing about all the things I’ve done this past week. Hmmm…you’ve seen the videos from our Moms Night Out and Moms Night In so I don’t need to write about that but – I have been out and about with my family – we saw Pink Panther 2 – which we agreed that while it was cute, it wasn’t as good as Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I know, my taste in films has something to be desired.
I’ve also been hitting the gym a lot – haven’t shed any weight but at least I’ve settled into a routine and I’ve managed to read a few books while I’ve hit the elliptical machines. I’m reading “What Would Google Do?” by Jeff Jarvis and I just got an advanced copy of The Difference by Jean Chatzky and I have to say…I am loving that book. I saw Jean Chatzky speak at a More Magazine event a few months ago and her advice motivated me to fine tune my business and focus in on the things I love doing. And as a result, things are really starting to fall into place. So thank you Jean Chatzky! My payback to you is to highly recommend your new book – which hits stores on March 10 to as many people as I know. If you’d like to pre-order The Difference, then click here.
In the mom book category, I have two great picks for you. Though both don’t hit stores until April, you definitely should pre-order them so you can devour them once they arrive. The first is Because I Said So, by one of my favorite mom writers, Dawn Meehan – a mom of six from Chicago who is one of the funniest and sweetest moms I know. Dawn and I became BFF’s at the Glamour Reel Moments red carpet event and as soon as I received it, I read it cover to cover and laughed out loud at how this mom of six has masterfully captured her chaotic life. My second book pick which hasn’t hit stores yet but I’m sure will be amazing is Perfectly Imperfect: A Life in Progress by Lee Woodruff. Lee is a NY Times bestselling author of In An Instant and is one of the most personable, funny and genuine women I know. I’m sure her second book is destined for bestseller status and I am always happy to spread the word about people who make the world a better place.
And yours truly contributed to True Mom Confessions: Real Moms Get Real
which will be released this April and was edited by the fabulous Romi Lasally. Finally, on the Role Mommy news front, I’m going to be spearheading a humor anthology for parents called C Mom Run which will be released by Plain White Press in November…check back for updates on some of the incredible writers/bloggers/authors who will be featured in this destined to have you ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing for all you web novices – thanks to Creole Princess for teaching me that one).
Anyway, I have to say, I am happy to be reading again – there’s something to be said about cracking open a book and learning something new or just laughing until your sides hurt.