Fave Five Tuesday

Today’s Fave Five features a potpourri of favorites – from a new online greeting card site, to great goodies, a fabulous blog post about the economy and more.
1. INNOVATIVE MOVING GREETING CARDS! If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to put a smile on people’s face, Snapily turns your photos into moving prints or as they brand it, a “LivingPrint.” You can easily create a card where 2 to 5 photos can be brought to motion on a card, for less than $4. Check it out: Snapily.
2. SAVE FOR THAT BIG EVENT OR VACATION WITH SMARTY PIG! SmartyPig is a one of a kind virtual piggy bank that can enable you to save for back-to-school expenses, teach your children about the responsibilities of money, and save for the things you really want. Recommended by Family Circle, SmartyPig launched in April 2008 as a unique way to automatically save for an upcoming vacation, with the same benefits: a social networking aspect, true incentives from top retailers, and ease-of-use. To find out more about this unique way to save, then click here.
3. MY STIMULUS PLAN – BEING GRATEFUL This amazing essay from Dagmar at IM Proofing is a fabulous addition to our finance friendly fave five.
4. FREE GIVEAWAYS ALL THE TIME! What’s better than buying something you really want? Winning it of course! Over at Goodies for Mom, they’re giving away amazing stuff 24/7 so check it out and get in on the action!
5. INTRODUCING….THE ROLE MOMMY CREDIT CARD! While all of us continue to face tough economic times, Role Mommy has found a way to stimulate the economy while making a difference in the lives of others. We are excited to announce that we’ve just introduced the Role Mommy credit card! Sign up for your free Platinum Visa card from UMB and once you make your first purchase, a $50 donation will be made to Role Mommy and we will contribute $25 of those funds to charities supporting women and children (including St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital, Love Our Children USA and the Gal to Gal Foundation) and the additional funds will support programs and events throughout the year that empower and enable women to pursue their passion while raising a family. Click on the following link for details