Tuesday Fave Fives

Today’s favorites range from fabulous finds to incredibly touching blog posts, to freebies to Late Night TV news to fabulous shopping blogs. So without further ado, here’s are our Tuesday Fave Fives…
1. I’ve been surfing Twitter for most of the night and during that time, I came across the following posts from two courageous mom bloggers who are going through some scary and difficult times with their infants. Visit Meagan Francis and My Charming Kids to read their heart wrenching stories.
2. Check out this post in today’s Momlogic community involving the dangers of leaving children in cars. Another reason to slow down and stop living your life on auto pilot.
3. In case you’re wondering or in case you care, David Letterman finally decided to get married. I guess he was tired of having people call his girlfriend Regina, his Baby Mama.
4. Over at Freebies for Mom are some important essentials. Free toilet paper! Hey, what are you waiting for? This is a freebie that anyone can use…over and over and over again!
5. Loving the Popshopology blog. Reviews are featured each day for trendy, techy and out of the ordinary finds. Gotta love the meat pillows. Yes, meat pillows. Don’t believe me? Then click here to check it out.