The Tuesday Fave Five

It wasn’t easy, but we’ve finally managed to uncover our latest fave five of the day. So get ready to be informed, enlightened, inspired and entertained!
1. The best e mail forward of the day. Hand sanitizer among kids is highly dangerous if swallowed. Who knew? Snopes did.
2. Thanks to Vanessa at Chef Druck for posting a blog about the beauty of Tweetdeck. Until reading that post, I didn’t know it existed. Vanessa, you just rocked my Twitter world.
3. Traveling Mom’s top Spring break vacations. Still haven’t made plans for Spring Break? Have no fear, TMOM’s bloggers have some great vacation options for your family.
4. Dora the Sexy Explorer. Just as my little girl approaches her tween years, so does Dora the Explorer! Take a look at the latest photo of Senorita Dorita and tell me if you think she’s too sexy for middle school.
5. Hilarious blog alert…Check out Suburban Jungle and laugh until your sides hurt.
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