The Monday Fave Five

Spent the weekend on the lookout for some fabulous faves – from movies, to TV, music, weight loss and more, check out our latest picks and let your fingers do the clicking.
1. Economical birthday party options ….the movie theater morning fiesta. The concept in theory is a good one – you pool your resources, chip in with another family, the theater accommodates more than 100 kids – they get free popcorn and soda at 10 am and then they get to sit and watch the latest Disney release, Race to Witch Mountain. Oh, and did I mention the birthday boys also get their name on the marquis? Well, it is a great idea – if the kids actually behave during the movie. Aside from the popcorn throwing, the standing up, running up and down the aisles and the incessant talking during the movie, it was a huge success. Favorite movie moment – seeing the original Tony and Tia from Escape to Witch Mountain make a surprise appearance in the new film.
2. Get some sleep and lose some weight. Finally – now I know why I’m not shedding pounds…I’m not sleeping enough. According to Weight Watchers, if you don’t get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, you’re sabotaging your weight loss goals. In light of national sleep awareness month, Americans can start giving sleep as much importance as food and water. Moreover, getting only 5-6 hours of sleep is the health equivalent of being 40 pounds overweight! This month, Jason Carpenter, Men’s editor of, can provide a day-to-day regimen by sharing some tips and tricks on how to get more Z’s. So what are you “weighting” for???
3. Terrific Web Show for Moms…Wrote a post about how to become a Vlogging superstar that appeared on Twittermoms and one of the commenters sent a link to their vlog and it is hysterical. Check out Lipstick N’ Laundry and see for yourself!
4. Stop the presses…Rick Springfield is back! Caught this newsflash from the fabulous gals at Cool Mom Picks. Did you know that Rick Springfield (yes, remember Noah Drake from General Hospital) has a new lullaby CD out for babies. Now if Frisco Jones comes out with a CD for tweens, I am so all over that one.
5. Funniest weekend TV moment…SNL’s hilarious version of “The View” ladies at Disneyland.

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Food Network Host Robin Miller Chats with Role Mommy

Thanks to Katja Presnal at Skimbaco Lifestyle, we were invited to get a sneak peak at Ragu’s newest web series featuring Food Network host Robin Miller. For those of you busy moms on the go, Robin will be offering quick and simple recipes you can use that’ll spice up your family meals. And, if you’ve got kids who love to cook (that would be me), you can even have them help you whip up a Ragu-inspired dish. Check out our interview from the video shoot where I got to meet Katja’s daughter, a huge Food Network fan who was celebrating her birthday and Wendy, a fabulous actress and mom vlogger with the adorable site Babies Gotta Have It. For more information about Robin Miller visit Ragu’s website here – they’ll be posting her videos soon so check back for some great ideas.