How to Be A Vlogging Superstar

Today’s PR training tips are all about vlogging. And while I contemplated recording a video of me talking about how to vlog, I realized that turning my webcam on without any make-up on would scare most of you away. And so, I’ve decided to share my tips in writing. Use them wisely and get ready to become a vlogging fiend.
First things first. If you are uncomfortable in front of the camera then you do not have to vlog. If you’re best at writing and feel that you’d rather stay anonymous, there is nothing wrong with that decision at all. Let your identity remain a mystery and continue focusing on what you do best and if it’s writing fabulous pearls of wisdom about your family, then go forth and write like a mad woman.
Now, for those of you who are parenting experts, organization experts, entrepreneurs, authors, nutritionists, fitness gurus and more, I have a suggestion to make. Start vlogging immediately. Okay, not immediately, but as soon as possible. The faster you get your videos up on your site, the sooner a TV producer might stumble upon your blog and give you your big break. So before you turn that webcam on, here are some tips on how to create scintillating content.
1. Before you start videotaping, write down some ideas of what you’d like to film. Do you want to interview someone, record your kids in action, look straight into the camera and share your tips on how to lose 10 pounds in three days (if you are that person, I’d like to watch your vlog), you get the drift. Just like a producer, map out a plan of different segments you’d like to tackle and then get ready, get set and start shooting.
2. Wait right there. So you’ve turned on your webcam or put your Flip on a tripod but you just realized that you have absolutely no make-up on your face. And you look scary. If your goal is to offer advice to a mom and your blog is more professional in tone, then you need to slap on a little color so that you don’t scare away your viewers. Of course, if you’re a funny mom and the disheveled look is part of your shtick, then go for it, but even when I try to be humorous, I like to be wearing lipstick.
3. Here’s a pet peeve of mine that I see not only on Vlogs but on media interviews and I am here to say to you – please cease and desist from inserting the words “Um,” “You know” and “like” in any sentence that you feel is missing a word. Watch yourself after you’ve recorded a video and if you’ve said “um” forty times in your vlog, do not upload it. Work on removing the “ums.” It is difficult to do, but just think – your vlog is your very own media training kit and clip reel all in one. By the time you’re ready for the Today Show or Oprah you will be Um free.
4. Be a storyteller. The best vlogs tell stories. In fact, if you visit Rantings of a Creole Princess she’s one of my favorite vloggers on the Internet because she’s a real person who acts like a television personality. You have the ability to be Oprah in your own home. And why do we love Oprah? Because she’s natural, she has fun, she tells great stories and well, she’s Oprah. So watch your favorite talk shows and discover why they are amazing at what they do. The engage the viewer. They listen to their guests and they are incredible conversationalists. If you have these qualities, you are well on your way to vlogging success.
5. Finally, if you don’t have time to write, but are completely comfortable sharing your advice on camera, then vlogging or podcasting is totally for you. I like to do a combination of both since sometimes when I’m posting a blog I’m wearing sweatpants, my hair is in a pony tail and frankly, it’s easy to chat on my Blog Talk Radio show without fear of seeing my double chin on camera. But seriously, one of my favorite vloggers who are masters at offering advice on camera are the ladies at Mom Generations ( – they look great, are engaging and offer tips you can use in an entertaining video format.
6. Take your show on the road. The fabulous women at Five Minutes for Mom ( are also pros at vlogging and just like those correspondents at Entertainment Tonight, they vlog from events, red carpets and more. If you’re ready to step out in front of the cameras, strike a pose and interview stars, I say go for it. You too could be Mary Hart or Lara Spencer. All you need is confidence, a great outfit…oh and good questions for your interview subject.
7. Wait…before you’re ready to start recording, I have one last tip if you’ve actually been discovered by a talk show producer and they’ve invited you to appear as an expert on their show. Do not, under any circumstances hit your hand against your chest while you are speaking. If you do, you will slap your microphone and leave a big reverberating sound for all the viewers to hear. All pros know that you don’t touch your microphone – so if you have to, sit on your hands, sit up straight and don’t fidget!
Hope this helps! And feel free to send me your videos so I can post on Role Mommy too – would love to see how you’re launching your platform straight from your home!