Our Latest Blog Talk Radio Show

Today’s show was truly on the run when I learned that our car was towed just when we were about to start our latest show! Tune in to Kim at Traveling Mom and Role Mommy’s favorite right hand woman Bonny and find out if we managed to track down the car and make it back to the show in time. Click here to listen in.

Happy 97th Birthday Oreo!

In honor of Oreo’s 97th Birthday, my kids participated in a “Lick Race” to see which one could finish the tasty cream filling first. Check out how my kids fared and if you’d like to participate in a Lick Race, then buy a bag of oreos, shoot a video and get in on the action. Click here for details and find out how you can win prizes and possibly get the chance to meet Eli & Peyton Manning and Venus and Serena Williams! Oh and disregard the fact that I say it’s Oreo’s 50th birthday on the video – it’s their 97th birthday – either way, it’s a major milestone and at least even during these troubled times, you can still count on Oreo cookies to make you and your kids smile.