The 411 on Verizon Fios for Families

I had a great conversation the other day with Bobbi Henson, media relations director at Verizon Fios and as a fellow working mom, she shared some great information about what Fios offers families to make all our lives faster and easier. From parental controls, to online games to giving your family the ability to record your favorite shows on 6 different TV sets in your home, Fios seems to be a great option for families who want to get the most of their online, phone and TV experience.
On-the-go FiOS TV subscribers can use the service to remotely review, change or add recording requests, delete recorded programs, browse and search TV and video-on-demand listings, set parental controls, and more. And the coolest thing is – you can even record a show from your cell phone so you never have to miss one of your favorite shows again!
Customers can access the remote control service through Verizon’s FiOS TV Web site ( or by using downloadable software on their Verizon Wireless LG enV2, LG Voyager or LG Chocolate 2 handsets. The wireless remote DVR capability will become available on additional Verizon Wireless handsets in the future.
(A preview of what customers can expect with Remote DVR programming is available at
These services are provided at no additional charge to FiOS TV customers who subscribe to Verizon’s unique Home Media DVR, which allows customers to use one DVR to record programming that can then be watched on up to six other TV sets in the home. This includes simultaneously viewing up to three separately recorded programs on different TV sets, and the ability to pause recorded programming on one set and continue watching it on another.
Plus, Fios also has a Parental Controls page which offers vital information about protecting your kids on the Internet. So if you’re looking for a great cable, online and phone option for your family – Verizon is currently running some great deals to sign up for Fios so don’t delay! For more information, click here.