The Pink Slip

So it’s 2009 and so far, my family has had a pretty bumpy start. As my DH kept sharing stories of friends who had lost their jobs in the finance industry, I never imagined that he’d become one of the latest casualties of our collapsing economy but sadly, he has. Actually, I’m kind of happy for him. This is the first time in nearly 20 years where he has time to take our kids to school, sleep in, and figure out what he really wants to do next in his career.
I really hope that he does go for it and takes the time to do what he loves. Thankfully, we’re doing just fine – we’re not living above our means, we have a great house, terrific kids, a wonderful family and supportive friends. That’s the true meaning of success. Doing what you love, making time for your family and not sweating the small stuff.
Personally, I think the era of corporate America is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Between astronomical rents, to falling stock prices, and sales figures in the dumper, we all need to take a step back and start thinking about why we’re all here in the first place. No matter how much money you earn in your lifetime, that doesn’t matter much if can’t share your good fortune with family, friends and loved ones. As Patrick Swayze, so gracefully put it in “Ghost” and even more recently in his Barbara Walters interview – “It’s amazing (Molly), the love inside…you take it with you.”
And that’s the true meaning of life. I know I usually aim for sarcastic humor in my posts, but this week, I’m entitled to a little self reflection. On a side note, we have had some fun suggesting unconventional jobs for my DH. I’ve thrown out a few doozies like day laborer, cologne sprayer at Abercrombie and Fitch to kids’ basketball coach (that would be his ultimate choice).
Meanwhile, my son got in on the act yesterday when he told us he decided not to volunteer this week for a class job (perhaps in solidarity with my husband). Actually, he admitted all the choice posts were taken. So he’s biding his time and gunning for his favorite position next week. And what might that be? Calendar monitor. Hmmm, a job none of us ever considered.
If you’re facing a similar situation, then I’d love to hear from you. Any suggestions for innovative jobs? Motivational books to read? Support groups to join? Lottery numbers to play? Feel free to commiserate.