Now I Know Why I Like President Obama

Call me a hopeless romantic, but despite the moving speeches, the poems, the Aretha Franklin song (and her really big hat), the thumbs up by Malia, the poetry, the two day concert, the list goes on and on, what grabbed me most about President Obama is that this guy really loves his wife. No matter how much weight he has on his shoulders (and he’s got plenty), at the heart of it, he has accomplished his dreams and then some, with a supportive wife, two gorgeous daughters and a family who has encouraged him to shatter stereotypes and achieve the unthinkable.
And today, as I was watching him sign several proclamations, I noticed something that I truly admire…President Obama is a southpaw!!! Which means, he’s creative, a visionary and a born leader. Why do I know that? Simple, I’m a lefty too and despite my terrible handwriting, I’ve been told there are lots of advantages to being born with this trait. Sure I have a million ideas a minute, but no matter the situation, I always love to think of ways to make things bigger, better and brighter. And hopefully, that’s exactly what our new president will do over the next four years.
Are you a righty or lefty? Do you think that has anything to do with the way you think or go about your daily routine? Share your comments now! And if you missed the Obama’s first dance, have no fear – Role Mommy has it on our home page!

Facebook Post of the Week

An Amazing Gift by Jennie Baird

As all my Facebook friends know, yesterday was my birthday. It’s been a tough year for everyone and I think parents especially feel the pressure of all that is going on in the world right now. Needless to say, I was stunned and humbled to receive this gift handmade with care by my 10-year-old daughter. I thought the her message was relevant to everyone, so I wanted to share it with you.
The gift is a collage in 6 panels. Each panel has an object attached to it and a a paragraph of text, as follows:
A BLANK PIECE OF PAPER: The plain sheet of paper is to remind you that
you can always change things around. If one day is awful, the next
day could be the best day ever.
A BANDAID: The bandaid is to remind you of 2 things: 1) When you are
hurt you can always get better. 2) You will always be healed faster
when you have more friends to stick to.
A PAPER SNOWFLAKE: The snowflake is to remind you that you are special
and unique your own way
A YELLOW THREAD: The golden string is to remind you that what attaches
us to our family and friends is more important than all the money in
the world.
A SMILEY FACE: The smiley face is to remind you to remember to laugh
and smile when you are feeling unhappy, unsuccessful and bad.
AN OLD PENNY: The penny is to remind you that small, dusty, “unimportant”
things are very valuable.
birthday collage.jpg