American Idol Returns!

images.jpegJust like Groundhog’s Day, I’m back on the couch watching American Idol. Have to say, it’s nice to see the gang back together and it’s also refreshing that a new judge has joined the show. Love that she’s a songwriter – of course I’ll know her name by the time they have those 10 finalists, but either way, I always love finding out about the potential contestants and rooting for all those underdogs! Of course, the ones that I’m cheering for the most is the mom of three whose house was destroyed by a tornado, the singer who lost his wife and the welder dad whose lifelong dream is to be a singer.
I have to say, as a frustrated singer myself, I love the fact that “American Idol” gives everyday individuals the chance to shine, get that do-over in life and maybe if they’re lucky, become a star.
Of course, the lame performances are there for comedy effect, but personally, I can’t wait until they get to Hollywood and more importantly, let’s all hope that my favorite picks wind up in that top 10!