Meet Mom of Reinvention, Julie Cole

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Role Mommy:
What did you do before you became a mom?
Julie: I was a lawyer.
Role Mommy: When did you decide to reinvent your life?
Julie: When my eldest child was diagnosed with autism. The traditional workforce was no longer going to suit me because I needed to manage an intensive therapy program and advocate for my son. Owning a business provided the flexibility I needed.
Role Mommy: How have your children influenced your career path? How many do you have?
Julie: My entire career path changed because of my children! In addition to having a child with autism, I am a mama of many, currently expecting baby #6. The law books were shelved and I started a business which has allowed me to be the parent I want to be.
Role Mommy: What’s your favorite “Time Out” tip for moms (taking time for yourself)
Julie: I must admit, I don’t get much in the way of “me time” and I would advise women who enjoy “me time” not to have six children. I consider any work I do outside of the home to be “me time”. I also really appreciate when I only have one or two children with me for an activity. That time always feels special and refreshing. If you function better after having some time for yourself it is essential that you carve that time out. Mommy has to be happy!
mabel.corp.2col.jpgRole Mommy: What does your website offer moms or kids?
Julie: Mabel’s Labels is the leading provider of personalized labels for the stuff kids lose. After lots of research and testing, we’ve developed the perfect labels. Our dishwasher and microwave-safe stick-on-labels can be used on cups, bowls, toys, books, lunchboxes, wipes containers, show-and-tell items, and more. The stick-in shoe labels are extra-tough, and our iron-ons and peel and stick tag-mates make labeling clothing a snap. Products are sold online at or by phone at 1-866-30-MABEL
Role Mommy: What do you hope for your own kids?
Julie: I hope my kids will continue to be happy and confident people who are positive thinkers and true to themselves. That will take them wherever they want to go!
Role Mommy: Who is your Role Mommy?
Julie: I have been lucky to have been surrounded by amazing women in my family. I have a very wise and inspirational grandmother who is 93 years old, a dynamic and loving mother, and several women folk of my generation who each have amazing and different qualities.
To find out more about Mabel’s Labels, click here to visit their website.