My Wii Fit Called Me Fat

I never thought this would happen – especially since I’ve struggled with my weight for what seems like a lifetime and I’ve been conscious telling my kids never to tease others about their looks, but last night, my daughter teased me because I was overweight.
Now let me backtrack a bit and explain. You see, early yesterday morning, I decided it was time to get back on track with weight loss and finally hopped aboard my Wii Fit (after a 237 day moratorium). At first, I started doing a few of the exercises but then I stupidly decided to do a body test on myself right in front of my two kids and guess what? After my BMI was calculated, my Wii called me Fat! My kids had a rip roaring time with that news. Actually, my son insisted it was wrong (gotta love little boys) and my daughter, on the other hand, became the food police the rest of the day.
When her friend came over to visit and she brought over a tin of chocolate covered pretzels, I asked the girls to hand me one and my daughter looked me straight in the eye and said, “Mom, do you really think you should be having that? I mean, the Wii said you need to lose 7.7 pounds!”
I dismissed her comment and grabbed a pretzel stick lathered with chocolate and oreo filling and continued about my business of the day…responding to several old friends on Facebook.
After our guests arrived for our mini New Years Eve shindig (we thought we were having 12 adults and lost six due to weather, illness and let’s just call the other category “Other.”) As a result, my DH went all out…ordering food for a third world nation and rather than cancel half the order, he kept it intact and we found ourselves eating sliders, penne with Vodka sauce, chicken piccata, steak, spinach, pigs in a blanket and more for 5 hours straight. Add several glasses of wine and I’m sure by now the Wii will say I now have 9.7 pounds to lose.
Back to last night. So I’m in our sunroom chatting with my friends when my daughter walks in and remarks that I was having a very large glass of wine and shouldn’t I be watching what I was eating and drinking because the Wii said I was overweight.
Say what?!?!?! At that point, I gave my daughter an exasperated look and sent her out of the room and then remarked how rude that was…knowing I was going to deal with her at some point in the night. But I didn’t have to do it myself…my DH came to the rescue after I filled him in on her comments and the next thing I knew, she was being read the riot act about the importance of not teasing others (especially their moms) about their weight.
When I went upstairs to have a private chat with her too, she gave her side of the story. “Mommy, I never thought you were fat. I think you’re skinny. It was just the Wii that said it. I never meant to hurt you – I’d never do that, ever!”
And in that instant, I realized that my daughter really wasn’t trying to be hurtful. She thought the Wii Fit news about my weight was funny and decided to share it with friends and family.
I guess now it’s up to me to prove the Wii Fit wrong. So it’s day two and while I’m not going to be checking my BMI this morning, I do plan to kick some tuchis (pronounced too-chis) on the slalom and super hula hoop game. Nobody calls the girl formerly known as Stubby Beth fat without getting their ass kicked on the road back to sveltesville.