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After a whirlwind week, Beth and Kim at Traveling Mom catch up on all the cool events and getaways we experienced all in 7 days. Kim went on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas and Beth hit windy Chicago for a fabulous mom blogger luncheon with TNT star Monica Potter, then raced back home for an action packed event at the Ritz and then ended the week with a New Year, New You event. But no need to read about it…listen in and laugh!

New Year, New You…The Recap!

The Road to Career Reinvention…
Last evening was our tri-fecta in the world of Role Mommy events. We’re going to be dividing our New Year, New You event into several webisodes since we had so much valuable information provided by our incredible guest panelists. In light of the economy, we’re kicking off our series with Career coach and author Diane Lang, who offers sure fire tips on how a mom can break back into the workforce or turn their vision for a business into reality. Then watch our second video featuring Sane Fitness creator and mom of three Beverley Caen! And finally, if you’ve always dreamed of becoming a writer, you won’t want to miss our interview with Lisa Garrigues, author of “Writing Motherhood.”

Moms Night Out with Role Mommy from Beth Feldman on Vimeo.

New Year, New You

As we gear up for the new year, Role Mommy is pleased to announce our second annual Mom’s Night Out series at the White Plains Library!  Our first event, NEW YEAR, NEW YOU is scheduled for Tuesday, January 27 from 7-9 pm. If you’re ready to reinvent your life in 2009 then we have just the session for you – complete with a career coach, award winning memoir writer and fitness expert. 

More information here

25 Random Things About Me

IMG_4058.jpgJust did this cool thing on my Facebook page where I shared 25 random things you might not know about me. And so, I figured, why not share it with my favorite Role Mommies. And if you’d like to tell us some things about yourself that none of us know about, share a comment!
1. I’m the ultimate procrastinator.
2. My husband calls me the tornado because I am a clutter-holic – hate to throw anything away.
3. My real dream in life was to perform on Broadway. Instead, I’m now performing at my local shul :). Take a look at me now (I sang and wrote the lyrics to this catchy number).
4. I sometimes contemplate liposuction to reconstruct my cankles but am too afraid of the anesthesia (and the pain).
5. I have two amazing kids who make me laugh every day – even when they’re driving me nuts.
6. My husband is pretty great too – very supportive and now, organizing my business life…finally!
7. I have a cat that acts like a dog.
8. I don’t like onions.
9. I’m allergic to sauerkraut.
10. My favorite show on TV is Brothers and Sisters.
11. My favorite movies of all time are: St. Elmo’s Fire, Sleepless in Seattle and Steel Magnolias.
12. I secretly love to watch Zoey 101 with my daughter despite the fact that Jamie Lynn Spears got knocked up.
13. Fall is my favorite season and summer my least favorite since I have to wear shorts and can’t stand my knees.
14. I have been a Weight Watchers member since I was 12 years old.
15. My wedding song is “Just You and I.”
16. The video on our wedding tape is “You’re all I need to Get By.”
17. My favorite vacation of all time- my honeymoon to Italy – although we got into many travel related fights and almost had an annulment by the time we got to Rome.
18. I don’t sleep much these days (brain is always whirring)
19. My favorite holiday with my family is Passover.
20. Favorite food – pizza.
21. Favorite dessert – Weight Watchers chocolate ice cream cone (I know I am insane).
22. I never give myself enough time in the morning to get my kids ready for school.
23. I still have the hairbrush my Grandma Dora used back in the 70’s and I use it every day.
24. My Grandma Dora supposedly haunts my house (love that).
25. I feel very lucky to have a wonderful family, great friends and relatives who are always on hand to inspire me and make me laugh!

Role Mommy at the Ritz…The Movie

Check out our latest event at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park.  I know it’s really grainy and time to invest in a new video camera…off to get me a Flip HD Mini…anyone know where they sell those anyway???

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Mom Bloggers Lunch & Laugh with Monica Potter

Trust Me TNT DSC_0463.JPG Here’s a sneak peak of the amazing mom blogger luncheon Role Mommy hosted in Chicago this past week featuring TNT star Monica Potter who stars in the new amazing drama series “Trust Me” along with Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanaugh. I have already watched two episodes of the show, and trust me, it is terrific. If you were ever interested in what goes on behind the scenes at an advertising agency and if you’re already a fan of Mad Men, then you are going to instantly fall in love with this new series.
Below is the video we shot from the event…as you will see, we had a great time finding out about Monica, the actress and mom of three!

Plus, check out the photo montage by the amazing Beth Fletcher who is a mom, a blogger and an incredible photographer too!

While I’ll be writing more about “Trust Me” real soon, here are a few posts from some of the fabulous writers who were on hand for a let your hair down luncheon with Monica Potter!
Because I Said So
Self Made Mom

Marketing Mommy
The Eco Chic Organizer
Adventures in Babywearing
Much more to come!

Role Mommy at the Ritz!

Late breaking update…Role Mommy at the Ritz…the movie! Yes, I know I need to get a better video camera – time for an HD Flip Mini…just need to know where to buy it! Take a look at a snapshot from our fabulous day!

And now, take a look at the photo montage too featuring inspiring moms and kids at The-Ritz Carlton Battery Park. Role Mommy at the Ritz was a huge success with Nanny to the Stars Marva Soogrim, Baby Name Wizard author Laura Wattenberg, young adult novelist Mari Mancusi whose latest book Gamer Girl is flying off the shelves and Crafty Mama author (and former Ricki Lake producer…we go way back) Abby Peccoriello. So check out our photos from our incredible day where authors, mompreneurs, parenting experts and marketing gurus and writers got the chance to enjoy a wonderful day with inspring women and adorable kids! Many thanks to our fabulous sponsors, My Princess Academy, Manic Mommies, Fortune Girls, Karito Kids, Slendertone and New York Metro Parents.

Role Mommy at the Ritz!

If you’re looking to spend an extra special Saturday with your kids, then do we have the event for you.  Join Role Mommy at The Ritz-Carlton, New York, Battery Park on Saturday, January 24 where you and your kids will get to meet a celebrity nanny, the author of the best selling Baby Name Wizard, they’ll be entertained by a performance troupe, get the chance to meet a best-selling tween novelist and much more.  Plus, you’ll get the chance to enjoy a fabulous brunch at an unbeatable price!  Adults are $40, Kids 6-11 are $20 and children under 5 are free!  The Ritz-Carlton, New York, Battery Park is located at 2 West Street, New York, NY 10004.

More information here