Role Mommy Fave Five Sites for Single Moms

Lately, I’ve been hearing about a lot of moms who are reinventing their lives on their own. After rocky marriages, they are now single and free to figure out what they wanted to do with their lives before they were sidelined by a toxic relationship. So for those of you who are single, or newly single or in the process of becoming single, here are a few of our fave five sites covering all stages of divorce plus a site for those of you ready to re-enter the dating scene.
Single Minded Women – a site for the single mom with tips on managing your life, relationships and more. The site also contains blogs from real moms who have been through divorce or are going through it.
Discover the D-Spot – Divorce counselor and single mom Laura Campbell offers incredible support and advice plus, she features a weekly newsletter which covers the important issues you’ll face while confronting a divorce or separation.
Most Compelling Divorce Blog – our good friend Monica at Rantings of a Creole Princess just brought this incredible site to our attention. Monica writes, “her story is just so compelling right now in that she’s in over her head in her dream home that she thought she and her husband would raise their children in together and that she’s trying to keep.
Why Hasn’t He? – This is a new site from relationship experts Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal, authors of the book Why Hasn’t He Called? and the soon to be released, Why Hasn’t He Proposed? If you’re finally ready to date again, this is the ideal site for you – you can even submit questions to Matt and Tamsen and they’ll answer them 24/7 on video! Or, if you’re truly serious about starting over, you can sign up for Dating Boot Camp and Matt and Tamsen will give you a relationship makeover so you can find love the second time around. List of Best Divorce Blogs – For those of you who want all your questions answered on the subject of divorce, from news to blogs, to issues, then click here and get a treasure trove of links to some of’s picks for best divorce blogs on the Internet. Plus, you can also sign up for their divorce support group newsletter as well.