Rolemommy Wishes for 2009

To all the amazing people I’ve met in 2008, the friends I’ve re-connected with through Facebook and to all my dear friends and family who mean so much to me…
Hope that 2009 brings all of you happiness, health, financial stability and maybe the chance to re-invent yourself and do whatever it is you love.
IMG_4058.jpgA few years ago, I made a personal list to recapture the things I love – most notably writing and singing and I’m happy to admit, I’m doing both. Of course, when it comes to the singing, my kids usually tell me to keep it down or cut it out, but nevertheless, I still belt out a show tune or two before they pull the plug on the karaoke machine.
9781402212901.jpgAs for my writing, I’ve already got one book under my belt and this year, I’m going to tackle the world of children’s books – I’ve written a few stories for kids that I’d love to bring to life and with the help of a fabulous illustrator and my brand spankin’ new Rolemommy publishing imprint, I’ll be on my way.
For my kids, I hope to continue to watch them become incredible little human beings as they discover the sports, musical instruments and school subjects that interest them the most. So far, it looks like my son is going to be a guitar playing mathematician and my daughter went from being a figure skater to a basketball star. That’s the great thing about being 9 and 6 – the sky is the limit and absolutely anything is possible as long as you try!
For myself and my DH, I plan to hire the parental babysitters so we can plan a few weekend getaways. Plus, we are definitely doing some serious family vacationing in 2009 and as soon as I renew our kids’ passports, we are hitting the air or the sea!
For my parents, I hope for continued health, peace of mind and no stress. And for my friends, I wish them only wonderful things. May my single girlfriends find love in 2009 and may my married girlfriends find happiness at home. And for all my career driven friends, I hope that 2009 opens the doors to all the opportunities you’ve been wishing for. Don’t give up if you get rejected one too many times. It’s the determined souls who stick it out longer than the rest, who not only survive, but succeed beyond their wildest dreams.
So enough of my sappy wishes. Hope all you Role Mommies out there have a safe, healthy and happy New Year!