Stores Open on Xmas Day!

In case you’re like us and still don’t have all the gifts you need for the holidays, have no fear, there are still a few more stores open today for all the procrastinators out there! Click here to find out what stores are open and you never know, it might actually be empty since everyone else is busy celebrating with family and friends!

Behind the Music…The Family Von Trapp

sound01.jpgI have a confession to make. The Sound of Music is one of my all time favorite musicals. In fact, when it came time to select the perfect location for my wedding, I chose a synagogue that looked like the church from the film because I told everyone I wanted to feel like Maria from “The Sound of Music.”
So imagine my disappointment, when just this morning, while perusing the online version of New York TImes, I discovered that the real Von Trapp family never really profited from the film (Maria sold their rights to a German filmmaker for $9,000), plus she wasn’t as sweet as she appeared and actually ruled the roost with an iron fist.
Maria, say it isn’t so!
While I’m still going to be front and center in our living room getting my Julie Andrews fix this weekend, I think I may look into a visit to the Von Trapp lodge so I can find out for myself about the real family behind this classic musical. But I guess when I arrive, I won’t break out into my own version of “My Favorite Things” – you never know – we could get bounced out of the lodge for that offense.