A Little Hanukkah Humor

While Facebook-ing today with my cousin, I started flashing back to memories of my incredibly funny Jewish grandparents. First up, my Grandmas. They both were named Dora but were as different as night and day. One was an amazing cook who rode a three wheeler all over Florida, the other had a booming voice, a heart of gold and was as blunt as a butter knife. But most of all, without even realizing it, they made our whole family laugh. And now, for some wonderful words of wisdom from our grandparents…
Grandma Dora to my mom: “If you don’t come, you don’t have to go home.” (when someone tells you they can’t come to a party you’re hosting).
The first time my grandma met my DH (he was my boyfriend at the time)…
Grandma Dora, acting a bit disinterested. “So this is your new boy, what’s his name.”
“His name is Darin”
“So, is he Jewish?”
“Yes, Grandma, he’s Jewish”
(Perking up) “And he’s so handsome too!”
And now for a classic Grandpa Murray tale…
Grandpa stares at the early bird special menu and exclaims, “I hate the fish in this place.”
Waitress arrives at table. “Sir, what will it be tonight?”
Grandpa shrugs his shoulders and responds, “I’ll take the fish.”
And one more from my wedding…
Grandpa complains to my dad, “Why am I the only one in the wedding party who is double breasted? (translation, he’s wearing a double breasted suit)
Darin’s grandmother Minnie replies: “What are you talking about? I’m double breasted too.”
That’s all for now…Happy Challah-days!