2009 Events at White Plains Library

As we gear up for the new year, Role Mommy is pleased to announce our second annual Mom’s Night Out series at the White Plains Library! Our first event, NEW YEAR, NEW YOU is scheduled for Tuesday, January 27 from 7-9 pm. If you’re ready to reinvent your life in 2009 then we have just the session for you – complete with a career coach, award winning memoir writer and fitness expert.
Appetizers will be served compliments of our fabulous catering sponsor Dinner in Hand. Books will be available for sale before and after the event. The White Plains Library is located at 100 Martine Avenue, White Plains, NY. To RSVP please email us at beth@rolemommy.com. Our incredible panelists include:
Executive Recruiter and Author of Sane Fitness & Sane Fitness Preggers
bevsuitsml.jpgBeverley Caen is a perfect example of an overextended working mother who has found a way to make fitness and healthy eating a part of her everyday life. With three young children, and a demanding career on Wall Street for seventeen years, she developed an exercise program that could fit into any busy Mom’s schedule. For over twenty years, Beverley has been dedicated to keeping fit, and she continues to evolve as a spokesperson for the benefits of fitting workouts into your schedule.
Beverley attended Florida State University as an undergraduate and received her MBA from Indiana University Kelley School of Business. She currently runs her own Wall Street Executive Recruiting firm and always finds time for her other passions: her family and her fitness. To find out more about Beverley and her easy to follow fitness deck, you can check out her website Sane Fitness.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Garrigues_Lisa.jpgLISA GARRIGUES
Award-winning Writer and Bestselling Author
Lisa Garrigues brings to Writing Motherhood many years of experience as a mother, teacher, and award-winning writer. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of California at Berkeley and a master’s degree in English education from Teachers College, Columbia University.
Thumbnail image for WM_02.jpgIn the past decade, Lisa has created and led a variety of classes and workshops in writing memoir, many of them exclusively for women. In addition to Writing Motherhood, her most popular courses include Writing Womanhood, Micromemoir: Writing from the Middle, and The Writers’ Circle. Lisa has also collaborated with other artists and educators to create such innovative offerings as Words in Motion, a creativity workshop that combines writing with movement and composition with choreography, and Talking Art, a writers’ field trip to the museum. Certified in New York and New Jersey, Lisa has taught English at the middle and high school levels, in both public and independent schools.
Lisa brings to her teaching a strong background in writing. After college, she worked first in corporate communications, penning stories for an international corporation’s feature magazine, then for nonprofit organizations, creating development and communications materials for clients that included the National Gallery of Art and Wellesley College. Since becoming a mother, she has turned her pen to the topics of motherhood and education, publishing personal stories in area newspapers as well as scholarly articles in trade journals. In 2004, she was awarded the Paul and Kate Farmer Writing Award for the most distinguished article published that year in English Journal, the nation’s premier publication for English educators.
Several years ago, Lisa set out to explore in writing all the lessons she had learned about being a writer, a teacher, and a mother. The result, her first book–Writing Motherhood: Tapping into Your Creativity as a Mother and a Writer–was published in April 2007 as a Scribner hardcover, and released in paperback in May 2008.
In recognition of Lisa’s commitment as an educator and example as a writer, she was presented with the 2007 “Women of Inspiration” Award, co-sponsored by the National Association of Women Business Owners and Fairleigh Dickinson University. This prestigious award honors women of initiative and leadership who have created environments that support other women in their communities.
Lisa lives in Ridgewood, New Jersey, with her husband, Mark, and their two children.
Thumbnail image for dlc-photo-diane03.jpgDIANE LANG
Career Coach & Motivational Speaker
Viewed as an expert in the world of balancing motherhood and career, Diane Lang holds a variety of positions, in numerous mediums, that maintain her proficiency in the motherhood-career arena.
Recently adding author to her list of credentials, Lang’s first book Baby Steps: the Path from Motherhood to Career, was introduced last year. Baby Steps helps women sort through the thinking and second-guessing that accompanies returning to the workforce, and stresses striving for balance, health and happiness rather than “having it all.”
Thumbnail image for dlc-photo-bookcover.jpgAs a speaker, Lang presents her workshop “The Mom Series” in NY metro area locations, to assist mothers returning to work. Seminar topics range from the highly personal, including postpartum depression, overcoming guilt and finding a new identity in the workplace, as well as the practical, such as interviewing, networking and dressing for success. The information she compiled for the seminar was the impetus for her Baby Steps book. Additionally, Lang is a regular contributor to Working Mother and parenthood blogs such as MomsontheMove.com and MommyTalk.com.
A mother to six year-old daughter Lauren, Lang’s academic credentials include an M.A. in Counseling and a B.A. in Liberal Arts from the New York Institute of Technology.
IMG_2248.JPGAND NOW YOUR HOST…The 2nd annual Mom’s Night Out event at the White Plains Library will be moderated by Beth Feldman, founder of Rolemommy.com, who switched career gears nearly three years ago while she served as vice president for the CBS Communications Group. After surrounding herself with several inspirational individuals, including “Amazing Race” host Phil Keoghan, Beth was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and decided to dive off the corporate ladder to pursue her dream of creating a community that would celebrate the achievements of mothers who have reinvented their lives while raising a family. After leaving her corner office behind, Beth has never looked back. In 2007, Beth, along with “Extra” producer Yvette Corporon self published Peeing in Peace: Tales & Tips for Type A Moms. After selling several thousand copies, the pair landed a fabulous agent who sold their little book that could to Sourcebooks, who re-released the book in April 2008 and most recently, sold the Brazilian rights to Peeing in Peace (how do you translate Farbissina Punim into Portuguese anyway?)
Additionally, Beth has produced and hosted more than a dozen high profile events in the tri-state area featuring celebrities, authors, entrepreneurs and parenting experts who have reinvented their lives while raising a family. Over the last six months, Role Mommy launched a database called “The List” that offers media and speaking engagement opportunities for mom authors, bloggers, parenting experts and entrepreneurs. Beth also has extensive media experience both behind the scenes and in front of the cameras, having appeared on national and local television shows, dozens of radio outlets, newspapers, magazines and parenting websites.
She currently resides in New Rochelle, NY along with her husband, two children and a cat who sometimes suffers from Deli cat reflux disorder.
If you’d like to attend our New Year, New You event, please email us at beth@rolemommy.com. The event is sponsored by the White Plains Library and is open to the public free of charge.

I Don’t Do Cupcakes…but I Do Make Swordfish

4398_MEDIUM.jpgEver since Thanksgiving, I’ve been possessed with the Rachel Ray gene. I bet you’re wondering what exactly that is. Well it’s simple. If you know anything about Rachel Ray, when she first started out in Albany, she wasn’t the best cook on the planet. She just had a great personality, lots of energy and showed people that anyone could cook as long as they followed directions. And after a few years, she became a powerhouse.
Well, a few years back I confessed that I can’t cook or bake and pretty much was resigned to buying ready made dishes or better yet, making reservations. Well, dear readers, the time has come for me to channel my inner Rachel Ray and I have decided to start cooking. And I’m not just taking on basic stuff like chicken and steak. Last night, I gave swordfish with mango salsa a try and according to my hubby, it was quite delish. So if you’d like to see my recipe that would make the folks at Weight Watchers proud, then take a look below and be dazzled.
Beth’s Swordfish with bruschetta and mango salsa
2 pounds of swordfish
1 Lemon
1 Lime
1/4 cup of white wine
Peppercorn mill
Butter spray
bruschetta mix
mango cut up and placed into the bruschetta
One capful of Olive Oil
Preheat over to 375 degrees fahrenheit
Spray cooking pan with Pam spray
Place fish in the pan
Rub 1/2 of a lemon and 1/2 of a lime all over the fish
Sprinkle the peppercorn on the back and front
Pour white wine over the fish
Drizzle capful of olive oil on top and bottom of fish
10 spritzes of butter spray on both sides
Throw a few sprigs of rosemary and thyme on the fish for garnish and flavor
Cover fish with bruschetta and mangos
Place the pan in the over and start cooking!
It should take between 30-40 minutes to cook, but to be safe, keep checking on the fish and once it’s white in the middle, you are good to go.
So there you have it…Swordfish with Mango Salsa. Low in calories, WW points and tasty too. What a combination!