My SUV Lament

20071123161728!VW_Tiguan.jpgSo it’s week four with only four weeks to go on my car lease, and I’m still without a new vehicle. And I have to say, it’s not by choice. So far, we’ve test drove two cars – the Honda Pilot and the Volkswagen Tiguan. I’ve polled hundreds of friends and acquaintances from Facebook to Twitter and the votes are pretty much unanimous. Everyone loves the Pilot and only one person swears by the Tiguan.
Honda_Pilot.jpgSo now here’s my dilemma. I finally realized why I don’t want a Honda Pilot – not counting the fact that the car drives like a yacht (not that I would know that but it reminds me of a luxury liner). Anyway, I don’t want the Honda Pilot, because everyone has the Honda Pilot. When all my friends zig, I traditionally zag and that’s why I’m dead set on a Tiguan. But a funny thing happened on the way to finally selecting my new car…my husband decided to attempt to negotiate with the owner of the dealership and guess what? We came back empty handed.
It’s hard to believe, but with over 530,000 people out of work, and two other car manufacturers on the brink of bankruptcy, Volkswagen says they are doing just fine thank you very much and they can’t lower the prices on their leasing options. Which means, that the Tiguan is almost the same price as the Honda Pilot except the Honda has a third row and enough room to fit a goat (not that I’d be putting a goat in the vehicle but wanted you to have a visual).
Anyway, we walked out of the Volkswagen dealership and I was pretty steamed. I had test drove my car, loved it (it rides just like my trusty Jetta) and I wanted it now (yes, I know that I sound like Varouka from Willy Wonka). But my financial whiz of a husband won’t have it. So here we are, the clock is ticking and I still have a car that I need to turn in within 30 days but I don’t have a set of wheels to replace my adorable Jetta.
Thumbnail image for V100529.jpegIncidentally, I hear that Saturn is trying hard to reach moms – except they’ve never come a’knocking on my door. Hey Saturn, if you’re reading this post, feel free to send me a loaner so I can test drive your car! As I said, I always like to be the first on my block sporting different wheels so maybe that’s the way to go – if I can’t aim for the stars and get my Tiguan, I guess I’ll just have to make due with a planet.
If anyone else has any thoughts on some cars I should try out before we finally are able to haggle with someone and get what we want, feel free to comment now. I appreciate all your comments (except the ones that diss Volkswagen).