Kristin Recommends…My Meebas

mymeebas.jpgMy daughter’s so excited!
I received a package with the newest toy – My Meebas. I looked at the tube and had no idea what to do with it so I showed it to my 6 1/2 year old. She went crazy. She told me all about what it is, an electronic game that you play and when you reach all the levels a plush toy pops out. You can hook it on your backpack for all your friends to see!
The My Meebas game is a new electronics toy from Mattel that combines compelling, quirky game play with an unbelievable plush surprise on the inside.The instructions are a little more clear than what my daughter descibes – girls “care” for the Meebas until it is fully “grown” and then – surprise – the tube unlocks for a plush My Meeba character “doll”. Each My Meebas toy includes 20 games and activities with 7 levels of progressive game play. I not only like the fact that my daughter is busy for hours (not all at once of course) but I love the fact that the My Meebas’s colored tubes symbolize one of the six virtues of love, luck, friendship, beauty, intelligence and happiness.
There are 60 different My Meebas characters so your kids can collect them all (or a few) and they cost $19.99 each which is good for me because my 5 year old just walked in…

Question of the day…

There comes a time when it will happen. I guess I didn’t realize it would be when my daughter was only 6 1/2 but it did, my daughter’s pen pal’s mother passed away. While I could hold off a little longer due to the distance factor (she lives in Rhode Island), it is only proper that she reach out to her friend to offer her condolences and her support. So, I am turning to all of you moms to help me with suggestions on how to break the news and what is appropriate to say from one child to another. My heart goes out to this little girl who will always long for her mom (now matter how loving her father and grandparents are).
My daughter has been exposed to great grandparents passing away (they were old and went to Heaven) and she’s even friends with the children of some of my friends who are widows but since she was so little when their dads passed it is as if their dads are on a business trip when we visit their homes. I have to admit that I am a little scared to explain it to my daughter. I am afraid I won’t have the right answers, afraid to introduce her to the big bad world of “death” and as selfish as it seems afraid to take away that little bit of innocence she has left (High School Musical aside).
I am open to all suggestions, rituals (one friend suggests releasing a balloon for the mom) or anything you think will ease the pain of this little girl from my daughter if only for a little while…

Role Mommy Makes Associated Press!

Check it out!  I spoke to a wonderful reporter last week by the name of Megan Scott who asked me how I was teaching my kids about scaling back on toys this holiday season in light of the tight economy.  I managed to get one quote in and surprisingly, I sound pretty normal.  Click here to take a look.