Twitter Party Crasher

I have been desperately trying to get with the program with Twitter but you know what? I feel like a party crasher and every time I try to comment when someone makes a clever remark, no one ever responds. Translation – why are you interrupting our conversation you Twitter party crasher you?
I mean, I signed up for Twitter several months ago and didn’t know what all the fuss was about. Kept seeing emails flying back and forth on everyone’s Twitter handle (that would be nickname) and just ignored it thinking I’d never get around to “Twittering.” And then, suddenly, it happened. I tried it out and now as I watch all those tweets go back and forth without anyone responding to me, I’m starting to think I am so over the hill with the social networking crowd. I’m trying my best but I totally need a crash course in tweeting, vlogging, digging, using del.ic.ious, tagging, SEO, you name it, I need a tutorial from a 14 year old or a 20 year old attending college who just launched a social networking site.
Anyway, just venting that nobody is paying attention to my tweeting. I think I’m heading over to Facebook. At least my friends over there answer me when I make a lame comment.