The Obamas Rock the White House

Watch CBS Videos Online If you were too busy finishing dinner last night, giving your kids a bath or maybe catching up on reading the Sunday New York Times and didn’t get a chance to watch President Elect Barack Obama and our future First Lady Michelle Obama talk about their lives before and after election day, then now’s your chance to catch up on some Must See TV.
All I can say is after watching the two of them share their hopes for their children, our country and for each other, I am truly impressed, inspired and am excited to see what is in store for our country after Obama is sworn into office. And frankly, I am also thrilled to hear one of Michelle Obama’s initiatives will be to support mothers and the work/life balance. Michelle’s primary focus in the first year will be on making sure her daughters make a smooth transition as they move to the White House, but you can already tell that no matter what path she chooses over the next four years, she will inspire others to pursue their passion while raising a family.
Did you watch the Obamas last night? Let’s hear your thoughts.