Don’t Ignore Your Health!

As a working mom, I’m usually the last person to see a doctor if I’m feeling under the weather. I’ve gone for weeks with terrible colds that almost became the flu or bronchitis and one time, thought I was having a heart attack and made my husband call 911 because I was experiencing shortness of breath and palpitations. Thankfully I was having an anxiety attack and not acute angina.
The reason I get so freaked out about my heart is because cardiovascular disease runs in my family – my dad had a heart attack two years ago and my grandfather died of a massive heart attack the year before I was born. Now I know I am only 39, but after a close friend lost her husband last year due to a sudden heart attack, I have been way more vigilant about the aches and chest pains I sometimes encounter after I’ve eaten some high cholesterol foods.
This morning, after meeting a friend for breakfast, I ordered an Irish Oatmeal and then proceeded to complain about the uncomfortable chest pain I had been dealing with that morning, she revealed how a former co-worker lost her own mother suddenly when she collapsed from a heart attack after complaining her jaw hurt. Considering I had never realized that jaw pain could be a warning sign for a heart attack, I decided to do a web search for symptoms relating to heart disease and I instantly found them at Real Age.
And for those of you who may have concerns about breast cancer, then check out Tracy Beckerman’s latest blog about her recent mammogram.
Now I don’t mean to scare you dear Role Mommies – I just want to make sure that while you’re busy pursuing your career and raising your kids, you don’t forget about taking care of yourself. Trust me, I’m the biggest offender but now I know if my jaw aches and I start getting nauseous, I may be paying a visit to my doctor stat.