Real Kids in the White House! (Photo Credit: AP)
While blogs are all afire about the dress that Michelle Obama wore during her husband’s victory speech Tuesday night, I’ve decided to not focus on her red and black Narcisco Rodriguez number, I’d prefer instead to give a shout out to her two girls. As they walked hand in hand with their parents on the stage in Grant Park, I could tell the Obama children are totally down to earth with clothes that I can tell come straight out of some of my kids’ favorite stores.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for ee6351b3-1f9d-a07e-e987-6ac6aab5a7b1-decision08_fb_kids_Malia-and-Sasha-Obama.jpg (Photo Credit: BET/AP)
In fact, this morning, as I was watching a story about the Obama girls on “The Early Show,” I noticed that one of them was wearing a turquoise tank top that I’m positive came from The Gap. Why do you ask? Simple, because my daughter has the same one! It is truly a breath of fresh air to see two little girls who are the product of two parents who have proved that it truly is possible to achieve the American Dream. Before they even set foot in the White House, those girls are lucky to have been born to two parents who have set their sights high and have conveyed to their girls, their family and the entire nation that anything is truly possible if you believe. If ever this were a Role Mommy moment, I don’t know what is.
So here’s to Malia and Sasha – it’s about time that our kids can truly relate to two grounded little girls who will be moving into the White House this January. And might I also add that their outfits Tuesday night were absolutely adorable.