Angelie Jolie Deserves an Oscar

images-3.jpegI can’t remember the last time I walked out of a movie theater where I was literally blown away, but that’s how I felt when we saw The Changeling last night, starring Angelina Jolie, and John Malkovich. Based on a true story, Jolie plays Christine Collins, a single mother whose life is turned upside down when her young son disappears and then is allegedly found by the Los Angeles police department but Collins insists they’ve returned the wrong child. Trust me when I say, while I really liked “High School Musical 3” and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua,” it took seeing a real movie like this one, produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer to remind me that my hubby and I haven’t gotten out much lately.
And so, it’s time to resurrect date night at least so I can start seeing more movies that don’t star Zach Efron or the Jonas Bros and might actually receive a few Academy Awards. Just caught a preview for “Australia” starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. It’s about time I started seeing adult films again (no, not those kind of adult films).