Silence is Golden

Sitting here writing up a quick post before I hit the hay and get ready for the fundraiser I’ve been talking about for weeks on my site – the Gal to Gal Virtual Walk event at the showroom of eco-designer, Robin Wilson. We’ve got cast members from Guiding Light coming as well as CW11 reporter Tamsen Fadal and many more, and me, of course, lost her voice the night before the event.
It never fails but whenever I’m preparing for something big, my body always gives out on me. Today, it decided to pull a nice trick on me by taking away my favorite past time. Talking. I know, I’m chatty – but that’s just me. I love to gossip, crack jokes, and even argue from time to time but now, all I can do is whisper and the funny thing is, my kids are now whispering too.
Maybe I should try this lost voice routine more often. My kids are treating me like a queen, making me tea with honey and lime (an island trick) and pretty much not screaming and whining like they normally do when I’ve got to raise my voice over the sound barrier to make them stop. And so, here I am, typing away without anyone making a peep. I can get used to this. I guess I’ll make myself a cup of tea and hope that by tomorrow, my voice will return. Stay tuned…