Katie and Sarah on the Campaign Trail

Check out this video that’s currently running on CBS.com – Katie Couric followed Sarah Palin on the campaign trail and questioned her on everything from what papers she reads to find out about what’s going on the world (Palin responded she reads everything but wouldn’t give specifics on what that is…my guess is the Wasilla Herald and People).
Katie then asked about her views on teen pregnancy, off shore drilling and several other topics du jour. And she even asked how she finds time in the day for herself and she says she makes time to run – she loves to sweat. Well I guess the track is the only place we’re all going to see Palin sweat because no matter what question she’s asked, she responds with a smile. Sure it might be a vague or general response but she does answer the questions.
So take a look at the interview and decide for yourself – or just watch the debate tomorrow and see whether or not she can take on Joe Biden. Never let them see you sweat Sarah, unless of course you’re running a marathon.