Halloween with Hasbro

Thumbnail image for 025471eb0c9c_A400.jpgI know we’re less than two weeks away from the most sugary day of the year (that would be Halloween of course), so I wanted to let you in on a cool offering straight from the folks at Hasbro. This year, some of your kids (and mine) favorite classic toys – from Mr. Potato Head to Playdoh are getting in on the action. Before you slip on costumes and head out trick or treating, you can get your kids into the Halloween spirit by decorating their very own Trick or Tater – that would be Mr. Potato Head in costume. Or you can create fun Halloween shapes with playdoh. So if you’re looking for an activity that doesn’t involve sour gummy worms or $100 princess costumes, then head out to your local toy store today and pick up a Hasbro Halloween goody bag for your kids (and yourself too)! Plus, if you’d like to give away something other than candy this year, check out the Hasbro website – they have a ton of great products you can drop into those goodie bags that’ll still make all your Halloween visitors smile.