I Am a Cheese Ball

images-6.jpeg Took the kids to see “High School Musical 3” today and I have a confession to make. I teared up during those corny scenes with Troy and Gabriela and then got all weepy at the end of the movie when everyone graduated. To be brutally honest, I loved the movie. Yes, I am lame but hear me out.
I love this movie because it takes me back to 1986. That’s when I was doing what I loved and had a lifetime ahead of me. And now, 22 years later with two kids and a husband, I sat in the movie theater wondering what would have happened in my life if I had gone for it. More importantly, while I didn’t necessarily wind up doing what I love, I want my kids to pursue whatever their heart desires.
I never thought that I could have peaked in high school and something tells me that I’m going to get a second chance at that original dream but for now, as I think about all the things I could have done differently, what I do know is that I did do something right. I married the right guy, had two amazing kids and am very grateful to have incredibly supportive parents, in-laws and friends who have been there for me in good times and bad. And best of all, thanks to the magic of Facebook, I’ve re-connected with those pals from high school who I shared the stage with and knew the old optimistic me. We may not have been Troy, Gabriela and Sharpei, but we were pretty talented back then and had the time of our lives. And really, that’s what it’s all about. Doing what you love while surrounding yourself with the people who love you.
So thanks High School Musical 3 – I guess you never thought you’d inspire an almost 40 year old mom, but you did. Now if only I can find a time machine so I can get my do-over.

Peeing in Peace in Portuguese!

Put this one down in the record books. While Peeing in Peace has experienced a steady stream (pun intended) of sales in the U.S. we are branching out and becoming an international phenomenon. Or at least we are in Brazil!
We just received word that our book is going to be translated into Portuguese and will be sold in Brazil. What an honor – I wonder if they’ll ever want us to go overseas and promote it – I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil. More importantly, I wonder how they’ll translate Farbissina Punim (sour puss) into Portuguese.
Either way, it’s pretty exciting that the little engine that could is still rolling along. Today Brazil, tomorrow Budapest!
To buy a copy of Peeing in Peace today, click here. Trust us, it makes for great bathroom reading.

Clothes Don’t Make the Candidate

images-5.jpegThis past week, the latest earth shattering politicial news that hit the airwaves was that Sarah Palin’s wardrobe cost nearly $150,000 and was financed by the Republican campaign. While I was shocked that the McCain/Palin PR team decided to spend someone’s annual salary on some really cute red suits, I began to wonder why appearance is so important to voters.
While I have seen her wear a couple of fleece sweatshirts in a few photo-ops, I highly doubt that the old Sarah Palin would have been cruising the campaign trail in overalls and plaid shirts. I mean, she probably does have some nice suits in her closet and if it were me (not that it ever would be, but if it were), I would have been able to purchase an entire season of clothes from Ann Taylor, Lord & Taylor and Loehmann’s and it would probably cost less than $3000.
Seriously folks. Does she really need to be wearing designer suits and shoes and have her make-up and hair done every single day of the week? I’m sure as a former beauty queen, she probably can do it herself and use those ladies from the Beehive salon in Wasilla and it would cost a fraction of the cost of what her peeps are paying now. Sure, since she’s a woman she’s being scrutinized much more than her male counterparts, but hasn’t she read any of those look great for less articles that seem to be all over the fashion and entertainment magazines?
While she’s said that after the campaign she’s going to donate her duds to charity, what woman who actually needs a suit for a job interview is going to wear a freshly pressed Chanel suit that just came straight from the a Florida tarmac?
At this point in the game I know that clothes don’t make the candidate but Palin’s handlers are doing their best to have her look the part. And trust me, every time I’ve overheard a conversation about her between men, you can almost always hear them make remarks about her dazzling good looks and not her mastery of foreign policy.
For women, the pretty factor has a much different effect. If Sarah shared that she’s managed to get all her outfits from a half price sample sale, now then I’d be impressed. We want to know that she is truly one of us and there’s no need to dress her up like a Barbie doll in order to win votes. So Sarah if you’re listening, tell your stylist to start shopping the sale racks. No one likes to be ripped off and at $150,000 – it looks like you’ve been taken to the cleaners.