Just Say No!

My post for today is all about people who do not respond to email or voicemail messages. I have to admit, I am guilty of that offense from time to time when my cell rings and I realize it’s a telemarketer, but for the most part, if someone sends me an email or leaves me a message, I do my best to get back to them with an answer – even if it’s not an answer that they’ll be happy with.
You see, when you’re a publicist, you deal with rejection. A lot. Not once a day, not twice, but oftentimes 10, 20 and 30 times. And these days, when you cast the net out wide and get a nibble from someone you’ve been hoping to reach, what I find is that if you push too hard, they instantly retreat.
Who knew you had to play hard to get but it looks like that’s the official name of the game when it comes to getting what you want. Time and again I have been dealing with people who are so incredibly rude when it comes to returning emails or phone calls. Sure I know they are busy and may not have time to get on the phone with me but you can’t tell me that you can’t at least respond to a friendly request.
And what about Facebook? I have been poked more times than I care to count by someone I know who recently took on a big job and suddenly, when I send him a message congratulating him and checking in if we can re-connect, what do you think happens? You got it – absolutely nothing – he doesn’t respond to the message.
Another favorite tactic from producers and writers – you pitch them an idea and they return the email with – thanks – have yourself a wonderful holiday! What? You can’t just say, thanks for the pitch but it will never happen so stop pitching me? I have to admit, I am eternally grateful to friends and colleagues who have been honest that they can’t help me out – at least I know not to bug them again. It drives me beyond insane that I’m constantly trying to re-invent the wheel and pitch these people and nothing ever comes of it.
But no worries – one day, when they no longer have that big job, they will realize that it’s not nice to ignore your emails. Respond people – it’s not that hard. No is not a dirty word. It’s just the cold heart truth and trust me, I can take it better than not saying anything at all.