Baby Makes Three

images-10.jpegI’m a few weeks away from turning 39 and all I can keep thinking of right now are babies. Sure, maybe it’s because I just finished watching “Knocked Up” or the fact that we had dinner last night with our good friends who just had their third. I have to admit, that little peanut was oh so cute in his one piece jumper as his dad literally flew him high above our kids’ heads and they laughed and marveled at how absolutely adorable he was.
Sure our friends are not sleeping much these days, but there is something to be said about the deliciousness of babies. As I helped my six year old slip into his pajamas I started to think that by next year, he’d be seven and may not want to cuddle up with me as we park ourselves in front of the tube. And my daughter, who is now 9 and is talking about going away to sleepaway camp, made me realize that by next summer, it’ll just be the three of us for a few weeks.
I know I’ve been the one who has said time and again that my baby shop is closed and I’m thrilled to have kids that we can take on vacation and bring to restaurants and they are perfectly well behaved, but watching our friends’ newborn smile and coo in his car seat made me realize, hey if I had a third, I’d have extra hands to help out with the babysitting.
Well, I guess time will tell this year if I decide to take the plunge and try for baby #3 or if something surprising happens, what I have come to realize is that there’s nothing that compares to holding an infant in the crook of your arm.
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My Fair Palin

images-9.jpegI just figured it out. After watching Sarah Palin in action at the Thursday night debate against Joe Biden, I realized exactly what crazy scenario John McCain has gotten himself and the Republican party into in order to win PTA votes. He enlisted Eliza Doolittle to become his running mate and in a matter of weeks, has attempted to pass her off as someone who is completely qualified to negotiate with world leaders, solve our economic crisis and maybe even put an end to global warming.
Except, something happened on the way to coaching Sarah on the finer points of foreign policy. You see, she’s not that good at memorizing her lines. And when news anchors try to stump her with questions that are off her talking points page, asking “What news publications do you read,” she acts like a deer caught in the headlights (or in her case, caught on the other side of a shotgun) and responds with ridiculously general answers. “I read everything.” Well, specifically, what is everything? With a hubby who makes his living by winning snowmobile races, my guess is her favorite publications are People Magazine and the JC Penney catalog. According to Fox News, Palin says she reads the New York Times and the Economist on a regular basis. Something tells me there’s no way she could get through The Economist – and it’s a good thing Fox News didn’t ask about her favorite columnists in that magazine.
Back to the Eliza Doolittle comparison. We all know that McCain was hoping Palin would be his “yes gal” and say exactly what the party wanted during the campaign. But try as they might, you can take the girl out of Wasilla, but you can’t take Wasilla out of the girl. While debating with Joe Biden, she gives a shout out to her brother’s 3rd grade class. She says “doggone it” and “heck” and “gee” and “maverick” more times than I care to count. And truthfully, if she weren’t running for vice president, she’d be giving Marie Osmond quite a run for her money next year as a talk show host.
I know that John McCain is confident that at 72 he has at least 8 good years in him to run the country and if he does win the nomination, let’s hope he does. I just can’t imagine what would happen if McCain fell ill or lost his marbles and My Fair Palin was put in the hot seat. Could you imagine her negotiating with Vladimir Putin while her commercial fisherman husband went on a peace keeping mission to Georgia (and I don’t mean Atlanta)? Instead, she’s got the role of PTA president, Hockey Mom and small state governor down pat. But Vice President. Of the United States? Come on people! Personally, I don’t want a pit bull in lipstick riding into Washington like she’s Annie Oakley in lenscrafters. This is the 21st century – have her go for an MBA or take a few International courses or spend a few more years in Alaska governing. Anything but the #2 job in America.

This Video Will Touch Your Heart

This past week, Dorit Shapiro, President of the Gal to Gal Foundation and stage IV breast cancer survivor was honored at a NYC event to kick off the launch of the Gal to Gal Virtual Walk. Watch her story below and find out how you can help stage IV breast cancer patients and their families by registering today for the Gal to Gal Virtual Walk.