The Biggest Loser And Me

So yesterday, after an insane afternoon where I took the kids to catch the premiere of Zwinky Cuties and meet Disney sensation Jordan Pruitt (more on that later since I’m still sorting through my pictures and realized my camera crapped out), I avoided all the incredible sweets at the event (okay, I admit I had 3 swedish fish), came home to eat a well balanced Weight Watchers approved meal (fat free hot dog, sauerkraut, 1 bun and some veggies), got the kids to do their homework, ate my two points cookie ice cream bar and then curled up with my blanket on the couch to watch one of my favorite reality shows, The Biggest Loser.
Yes, I know, I am a cheese ball. But I am such a sucker for transformation and makeover shows and I just love it that every episode without fail, I start crying whenever someone’s refrigerator gets turned off. So last night, the show is featuring a new twist – families. That means husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons and more can compete to be the Biggest Loser. And these people have a significant amount of weight to lose. Many of them tip the scales at well over 300 pounds! And to think, I’m whining that I put on 8 pounds since the summer.
Anyway, amazingly, these fierce competitors shed double digit weight losses in the first week except for the losing couple, Stacy and Adam – Stacy only dropped 9 pounds while her hubby did drop a lot more. Either way, they got the heave ho and we did get to see that since they left the Biggest Loser campus, they’ve already shed more than 50 pounds between them.
Personally, I’d love to fast forward to the last couple of weeks so that I can see how svelte these people get but either way, it’s delicious programming without the calories. Now if only I could lose 9 pounds in a week, then I could have reached my goal and quit complaining. Okay, reality check. I’m Losing For Good -that’s what Weight Watchers tells me – for every pound I lose it goes to charity and as of this morning, I think I’ve taken off a pound and half. We shall see what the scale says on Friday…stay tuned and see if this Little Loser pulls in a big weight loss this week!