Legally Brunette

After watching SNL last night and catching Tina Fey’s dead on performance of Sarah Palin, I got the chance to follow the ongoing Palin funfest with this article in the NY Times.
If you’re wondering where Sarah P. gets her trademarked $30 updo then look no further than the Beehive salon in Wasilla, Alaska. Okay folks, I swear – I am not making this up! I can’t decide whether the place reminds me of the one where the ladies from “Steel Magnolias” sat to shoot the breeze, share secrets and shed tears, or is it more like the salon that Elle Woods visited in “Legally Blonde” where she taught the patrons how to pick up a guy by doing the bend and snap! (Come on, you know you remember that scene). Methinks it’s the latter.
According to the owner of Beehive, Sarah P. (that’s what they call her when she makes an appointment), has been a frequent visitor since 2002 and while Hillary Clinton has paid Frederic Fekkai thousands to perfect her stiff “I have a man’s haircut with a bit of poof” look, Sarah is all about the updo.
Her hairdresser says when she was Mayor of Wasilla she’d usually bring her daughter with her while she’d sit under the dryer getting highlights and returning email messages and writing speeches on her Blackberry. Writing speeches on her Blackberry? I hope for her sake, they were short speeches.
Plus, Sarah was known to chat up her gal pals about the things she loves, like moose. Or would that be loves to shoot? Any-hoo, it seems like the Beehive is about to be overrun with Alaskans and other Palin supporters who I’m sure will travel far and wide to replicate Sarah’s look.
Next stop, her optometrist’s office. Where does she get those signature glasses?