I Am Officially a Soccer Mom

You heard it hear first Role Mommies. I never thought I’d see the day when I would succumb to the one sport that I have sworn off for years. I’ve argued with men who labeled my stay at home and work at home brethren as “soccer moms” and today, everything changed.
It’s all because of my son. You see, my six year old decided a few weeks back that he wanted to play soccer this year. In fact, he begged us every day to sign up to play and my husband dutifully registered and then took him to buy shin guards, cleats, and knee socks for the big day. He even bought him a spiffy black and red ball to kick around and my son was thrilled.
Today, he woke up extra early and was dressed before everyone else, counting the minutes before he could leave for soccer. And then he and my husband hit the field. I followed about a half hour later with Dunkin Donuts coffee in tow and as I looked around to see if I recognized any of the parents, I stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed the parents who had changed their baby on a table at my son’s birthday party earlier this year. Eew. I made sure not to make eye contact with Mr. and Mrs. Rude and luckily, I glanced over and saw one of my closest friends hauling her beach chair over so she could get a good spot for her daughter’s game. After we chatted for a few minutes (we just joined Weight Watchers together so we caught up on what we ate in the last 24 hours), it was time for me to follow my son’s team – game time!
As the players attempted to come up with a name for their team of first graders – I think they either decided to call themselves the Purple Goblins or the Purple Dragons, it was time for some action. And surprisingly, these little first graders could really play! I was amazed at the fancy footwork of a little boy named Joshua and my son, who just revealed how much he wanted to play soccer, is actually a superstar in the making. He’s fast, he can kick and he even scored a goal. Not to mention he’s the cutest kid on the field – okay that’s just me being his mom but he does look adorable in that outfit and cleats.
And so, mark this day in the history books as the day I officially became a soccer mom. I have to admit, it’s actually not so bad. You get to kibbitz (chat) with friends, watch your kid run around for about an hour and enjoy a nice cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee. Ah the joys of parenthood. It doesn’t get any better than this. Then again, according to Sarah Palin, soccer moms are passe – we’re now in the era of the hockey mom. Funny how when I finally succumb to a trend, moms are onto something new. Oh well – you won’t catch me on the ice at 5 am so it looks like I’ll never achieve Hockey Mom status…then again, never say never!