Obama, Can You Hear Me?

You are never going to believe this, but after writing an email back to the Obama camp complaining about the fact that they asked for donations on the day Lehman Bros. went bankrupt and then posting this blog and that one about it, I think he heard me. Sure, some ardent Obama supporters argued I had no right to complain and should just unsubscribe to his emails, if I had taken their advice, I never would have seen the video that arrived in my inbox today.
You see, Senator Obama actually sent out an email outlining his plans on what he’d do to fix our economy. Not only that, after the video, he included this link which outlines his entire economic plan and that includes giving the middle class a $1000 tax break.
He even talked about how we need to put our bitter bi-partisan squabbles aside and listen to the people and what they truly need. Barack – could I have been the “people” you were talking about? If so, I want to say – thanks for listening. You actually won a few points in my book for your wise email blast of the day. Best of all, you didn’t ask for donations – maybe you are a stand up guy who can do some great things for our country.
Thanks for listening or for reading my mind. Either way, nicely done.