Global Warming, Chiuauas and Sex Ed

images-1.jpegTonight while dining with our in-laws, my kids decided to have a serious conversation. While we were nibbling on Chinese noodles and slurping our egg drop soup, my daughter began to explain the concept of global warming to my son and pretty much scared the beejeezus out of him.
images-3.jpegI don’t know exactly what she said, but all I know is that after we had finished our meal and cracked open our fortune cookies, my husband gave my son a penny and he looked extremely pensive as he dropped his coin into the wishing well as we left the restaurant. My daughter, on the other hand, was positively giddy as she dropped in her nickel and confided she wished for a chiuaua named Bobbie.
And what did my son wish for? Well, at first, he wasn’t telling and as we drove home, I jokingly blurted out, I bet he wished for no global warming and he replied, “Mommy!!! Now my wish won’t come true!”
I guess I’m quite the eco-killjoy. Thankfully, as we quelled his fears that the earth was not going to disintegrate in his lifetime, he decided to tackle another important topic: “Mommy, can you have a baby if you kiss?” Sheesh, global warming and sex education and he’s only six.
Has your young child asked you a question you weren’t prepared to answer? How did you handle it? Were you honest or did you tell a white lie and figure you’ll tell the truth before they hit high school?

Things that Make You Go Hmmmm…

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 1f4e9333.jpgMy mom sent me an email yesterday about a demonstration that took place in Anchorage Alaska protesting Sarah Palin’s bid for vice president. Funny, but the demonstration wasn’t covered locally or nationally and according to one of the attendees, this was one of the largest demonstrations she had ever attended in Alaska. I guess with those frigid temps it must take a lot to get them steamed enough to protest. But protest they did, and with clever signs I might add.
Thumbnail image for 1f4e9268.jpgI’ve decided to post a few so that no one accuses me of fabricating some propaganda campaign against Team Palin/McCain oops, I mean McCain/Palin. Plus, if you want to be informed and entertained again this weekend, then read Gail Collins’ most recent New York Times OP/ED on how McCain handled the topic of the econony along the campaign trail.
1f4e92f5.jpg Now my question is, have there been any demonstrations in Chicago protesting Senator Obama’s bid for the presidency? Or has the state of Delaware rioted after hearing Joe Biden was throwing his hat in the ring? What about all those Facebook groups popping up against Palin? The negative reaction is unbelievable – and yes, I know – the reaction to Hillary wasn’t so hot either. Either way, this is shaping up to be one nasty cat and dogfight.

The Zwinky Cuties NYC Launch Party

Jordan photo casual 5.jpgYou gotta love it when you’re invited to bring your child to the premiere of a website that features a performance by a Disney star. When I first shared the news with my daughter, she was over the moon. In fact, she was so ecstatic, she contemplated wearing the dress she wore to my friend’s son’s Bar Mitzvah. Instead, I convinced her to wear a cute Gap outfit and at 3 pm, I picked up my kids from school and we raced to Times Square Studios.
As soon as we arrived, we were greeted like VIP’s, given all access passes and then we stepped inside to what seemed like the ultimate party for the 12 and under set. Free popcorn, cotton candy, sour gummy worms, pink cupcakes, punch, chocolate milk and cups that changed colors! After running into some of my favorite mom bloggers – Jessica and Nancy, who both write for NYC Moms, we angled for a great position for the concert and after about 20 minutes, the fun got underway.
We were first introduced to John Park, president and CEO of IAC Consumer Applications and Portals, who gave us the inside scoop on the company’s brand new initiative to include tweens in a virtual world for girls. Zwinky has been around for two years and already has more than 16 million teen subscribers. With Zwinky Cuties, the company is poised to open its online doors to a legion of new fans.
Thumbnail image for cutie4.pngIf your child is a fan of Webkinz, then Zwinky Cuties is a perfect alternative for tween girls. For a nominal monthly fee, your child can have access to the site where they can create an avatar that resembles them, dress her in fashionable online clothes, select a pet, play fun games, chat with friends and much more. A child can’t gain access to the site without parental consent so no worries, they’re not joining Facebook, just an interactive virtual world for girls to be just girls.froggy.png
The next speaker was Barry Diller – former television giant who now runs IAC. After he praised the team at Zwinky Cuties and jokingly remarked that this was the youngest audience he had ever addressed at a press conference (the first and second row was comprised of 6-10 year olds), the moment finally arrived. The Jordan Pruitt concert! My daughter was so excited she nudged her way up to the front and even touched Jordan’s hand while she was singing. And I have to admit, ever since the event, we’ve been playing her CD in the car and it’s really good! Jordan is going to be featured on the Zwinky Cuties site and participants will even get the chance to interact with virtual Jordan and win prizes too!
Once Jordan finished her mini concert, we all got the chance to take pictures of her and that’s when my camera decided to only take blurry ones – that’s why I’m only sharing photos from the press kit and not from my Nikon Coolpix which is currently being repaired. AARGH. All in all, our trek into New York City was well worth the trip and my daughter has been playing on the Zwinky Cuties site every day since. If that’s not the ultimate endorsement, I don’t know what is! To find out more about Zwinky Cuties, Click Here.

Take Me Home from the Ballgame

This weekend has been jam packed with kids sporting activities – soccer for my son – who incidentally, scored another goal for his team and for my daughter, who normally takes part in single participant sports, she took the leap and decided to play softball.
If you’re a mom of a fourth grade softball player then here’s a little tip. Bring snacks and make sure there’s a bathroom nearby. Why do you ask? Because the game lasts what seems like an eternity. When my son and I arrived to watch the game, I caught the girls warming up in their cute green uniforms that were sponsored by Stop and Shop. Meanwhile, their competitors were in full on baseball uniforms with no sponsors whatsoever – guess nobody wanted the exposure or the parents didn’t want to spoil their outfits with the name of an auto body shop.
Anyway, the girls migrated over to the field and as I looked for my petite daughter, I was dismayed to find she had been benched for the first inning (too many girls on the team). And then, the game officially started.
The pitcher seemed pretty steady at first, striking out a few players and walking several more, while the girls in the field stared off into space. In that first inning, no one actually made contact with the ball yet girls wound up on bases and started stealing them without anyone trying to tag them out.
By the second inning, things got worse. Not only did the pitcher walk more players, but she accidentally hit two of them. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt but I couldn’t understand why they just couldn’t take her out of the game since the other team was scoring runs without having to hit the ball and the poor girls in the infield and outfield were pretty much watching the grass grow.
And then finally, things changed, our team got their turn at bat and miraculously, they started hitting balls out of the infield. These girls were terrific! Unfortunately, my daughter struck out the first time but in her second turn at bat, she walked and as a result, got to run around the bases and head home when one of her teammates hit an in the park home run.
By the fourth inning, my son was going stir crazy and already had pulled my husband over to take him to a tree to relieve himself and he had pretty much finished all the snacks I had brought for the game. Lucky for us, while softball normally lasts six innings, the game was called on account of dusk.
All in all, softball was slow and semi-enjoyable. I love watching my daughter in her cute uniform and am hoping that in the next few weeks, we’ll see her knock one out of the park – or at least somewhere that lands her a base hit.