How to Drive Safe in the Rain

Here’s a bit of a departure from the politics and parenting essays. Tonight I’ve decided to tackle a topic that was racing through my brain at 11:30 am this morning when I found myself on the highway driving my Jetta through a rain storm. As I attempted to chat on my cell phone (hands free of course), I actually had to hang up on my friend when I realized I could hardly see out my window.
With raindrops pelting my windshield faster than my wipers could mop them up, my knuckles clutched the steering wheel and I stared several feet ahead of me so that I could be on the lookout for puddles and falling trees. And then I tried to do a driver’s ed re-cap in my brain. If I hit a major puddle, do I brake or do I ride through it? If a tree falls in front of me, do I swerve or halt? And if someone’s humongous truck splashes water on my windshield so that I can’t see anything in front of me, do I brake and put my hazards on or keep going?
I don’t have all the answers to my safety questions, so tonight, I visited this website which offers great safety tips on driving during all kinds of weather. So the next time a storm hits, brush up on your driving skills and avoid those puddles!

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C’mon Get Snappy!
ds all singles yesthisone sm-2.jpgThey say necessity is the mother of invention and what bigger necessity is there than helping Junior keep his pants up while reciting his ABC’s in front of the class. That very “Aha” moment struck mamapreneur Michelle Cazella of Oregon and, thus, Dapper Snappers were born.
Dapper Snappers are the patent-pending quick fix for the condition known among the preschool set as DPS (that’s Droopy Pants Syndrome). Available in a rainbow of colors, it works via a suspender-grade elastic band that slips through the back three belt loops of pants and jeans and then snaps together over the outer two to cinch the waist, tightening droopy, saggy drawers in an instant. From 9 months to 5 years old, pants stay up, each one-size fits all band adjusts up to four sizes (keeping clothing costs down) and all materials and componentry that go into manufacturing and packaging are U.S. made.
For more information on how to buy Dapper Snappers, visit When readers buy two bands they will receive the third free when they enter coupon code RMYEAHBABY.