Etiquette 101

My husband and I have been having a big debate this weekend and it doesn’t involve politics…surprise! Nope, this time it’s about how you can tell if someone is totally rude, totally insensitive or just totally gross.
Let me explain. Over the weekend, we went to a party where there were waitresses passing around hors doerves and my DH explained that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat the wait staff. If someone comes up to you with a tray of salmon wafers and you turn your nose up without even acknowledging the waitress, then you are totally rude. Now if the gal with the hot dog tray comes around and you stalk her so you can grab 5 or 6 pigs in a blanket and then proceed to double dip your franks, then you are kind of gross. Not totally gross, just kind of.
Totally gross is actually reserved for the people who go to supermarkets and purposely eat the cherries and grapes (which is an obvious shoplifting offense) without thinking about the fact that the fruit hasn’t even been washed yet. Those cherries came from some farm that had been sprayed with pesticides, traveled by truck to the supermarket and then was unloaded by someone who may or may not have been wearing gloves when he placed those cherries into the bin. Plus, thousands of people have touched those cherries over and over again – so in essence, they are covered in stuff I don’t even want to think about and in essence, you just popped a germ ball in your mouth. Yum.
So what do you think about food etiquette? Does it gross you out when someone picks over fruit at the supermarket only to throw it back (don’t ya just love the ones who drop an apple on the floor and then puts it back on top of the pile of Fujis?) Does it bug you when someone hands a wad of napkins to a poor waitress who is trying to serve the rest of the guests mini tuna tartar wafers with wasabi sauce? Gross or rude, you decide!