Cute Hubby

Here I am, sitting all by my lonesome in Montauk while DH is taking a nap after we’ve slurped down two incredibly potent mojitos that were prepared for us by a one armed bartender. No joke – the bartender had one arm and managed to mix drinks, carry buckets of ice and pretty much do most of the menial labor at the bar while his cohort collected the drink money and tips. But I digress, as I often do.
Today marks our 12th anniversary weekend. Yes, I cannot believe that it’s been nearly 12 years since I got married and didn’t have a care in the world except for my beloved – who, from here on out I will call “cute hubby.” Because he is, and because I like the nickname. Throughout our marriage, we’ve had our ups and downs, but at the heart of it, we’ve always managed to find a way to talk (and argue) through our disagreements and have found our way back home. And why do I love my “cute hubby?” Simple. Because he makes me laugh. Because he supports me. Because he is always there during the ups, the downs and in the in betweens we’ve experienced as parents.
He’s a fabulous father – plays with our two kids like he’s one of them and he’s also pretty sentimental too. While I was too swamped with my business obligations this year, he’s the one who booked us at the Montauk Yacht Club and while he’s fast asleep from the lethal mojito that was mixed for us about an hour ago, I know he’s having a great time relaxing, laughing and doing other things with me that are not allowable on a role mommy blog.
But seriously folks. In the last few weeks I have heard more stories about couples breaking up due to infidelity and frankly, that scares the living daylights out of me. It almost seems like the rate of cheating is tipping the scales against us faithful couples and frankly, I can’t understand what is going on. Sure people get bored or moms who quit their jobs feel like they’re underappreciated and have wasted their advanced degrees, but you know what? If you’re miserable, don’t look elsewhere for happiness. There’s a reason you married your significant other and no matter how many years have passed, there is always a way to bring yourself back to that first moment that you met.
Sure, there are couples who were never made for each other, but I have to say, with “cute hubby,” I fell for him on our very first date. Sure, the looks and the sense of humor had a lot to do with it, but over the years I’ve found that having someone in my life who supports everything I do and even provides me with advice on how to build my business (although I can be pretty stubborn at times taking that advice) has been incredibly invaluable.
I truly feel incredibly lucky to have my “cute hubby” in my life and know that no matter what the future holds, we will grow old together and watch our kids pursue their dreams while we’re on the sidelines cheering them along. I know how hard it is to keep a marriage intact while raising kids and do get worried every time I hear another story of a couple biting the dust, but at least I can say, as we approach our 12th anniversary, that I still enjoy cute hubby’s company and look forward to the memories we’ll be making with our kids in the years ahead. Still have a few more minutes to myself before he wakes up from his nap. Maybe I’ll surf the net and buy an outfit. Or maybe I’ll take a break and take a nap too. Either way, I’m glad I have him by my side – here’s to another 12 years – let’s hope we’ll still be going away on special anniversary weekends. Wait…by then, our kids will be grown and will have no use for us. Okay, happy anniversary to me…here’s to an enjoyable weekend. One milestone at a time.

Comment on My Guilt Blog and You Can Win!!!

Okay dear readers. I never ask you to comment on my blogs. For the most part, I know you are reading them silently and chuckling to yourself and saying, damn that Beth is one funny writer and then you go off and finish making your kids’ lunch or something. But today is going to change all that passive behavior. Today, you will comment on my site because if you do and if you do it well, you can win something.
I’m participating in a Parenting-challenge sponsored by coComment which will be giving away fabulous prizes if you join in on the effort.
Details from coComment are below:
Courageous parents,
Have you dealt with temper tantrums, sulky teenagers, and dirty diapers? coComment would love to hear your trials and tribulations about raising children. We invite you to take the time to muse about these situations and how you overcame them.
The goal of this coComment Parenting Challenge is to promote discussion among parents using our popular vehicle of commenting on websites and blogs. This challenge will allow you to share your views about cranky teenagers, terrible two’s or getting your kids to be adventurous eaters. In our 30-day challenge, you have the opportunity to win cash or prizes equivalent to $150.
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So without further ado, here’s my topic du jour – get ready, get set to comment away!
The Guilt Complex
It’s 10:48 pm. Do you know where your children are? Well, mine are snug in their beds after their dad tucked them in so I could sit in the den and type away like a mad woman before I get ready to pass out and start another marathon day. I don’t know about you, but after leaving my big corporate job I have been working non-stop. Rather than focus on growing one company, the Type A woman that I am went into overdrive and started building two. Simple, make money from PR but still do what I love (that would be the writing and networking with other fabulous moms). But something happened on the way to building my businesses – guilt from my kids, guilt from my DH and my owner inner guilt that makes me take a step back and say hold on a second – it’s time to put the work away and make more time for my family.
I guess the straw the broke the camel’s back came over the weekend when we returned home from a crabbing trip and I instantly raced to my computer so that I could blog about it. I know I got a bit carried away – since I was away from my trusty MacBook for more than 24 hours. And so, I spent a few hours surfing the web, returning emails, blogging, surfing, reading some of my favorite blogs and by the time I turned around, it was time for the kids to go to sleep. I had actually spent 3 hours online while my kids watched their favorite Nick and Disney shows and when my husband came home from meeting an old friend, he informed me that earlier that day my daughter confided she’s not too happy with my addiction to the Internet. In fact, everyone in my household (including my cat) is fed up with my BlackBerry and computer fixation. So much so that they are now putting limits on when I use my technological devices so that when I’m with them, I don’t get distracted and focus my attention on them and not a client, or a random Facebook message.
As we near the end of the summer, I’ve realized that I do need to do things in moderation or else one day, my daughter will tell me to my face that all that time spent in front of the computer could have been spent with her. She’s already nine and the time literally feels like it’s slipping away from me. My babies are no longer babies and while having a successful career is fulfilling, I don’t want to wake up one day and realize I missed out on the best time of my kids’ lives because my head was buried in my laptop. I guess it’s time to give myself permission to take a vacation. I mean, I am the boss. I’ve earned some time off for good behavior and maybe if I do take a short break, this overwhelming feeling of guilt will melt away – or at least subside for a week or two.
Now time for the comments – are you feeling guilty that you’re not spending enough time with your kids or your husband? Has technology taken over your life? Speak now and you can win a prize!

Andrea Recommends…Pak Naks

We have a brand new regular contributor to Role Mommy – mom of two girls, Andrea Forstadt, a former online marketing guru and beauty editor who is now on 24 hour bedrest until she gives birth to twins (that would be baby #3 and baby #4 if you’re keeping track)! Andrea is a fabulous writer who can spot a great product the minute she sees it and we’re thrilled that she’ll be sharing her insights with Role Mommy readers on must-have items for you and your kids!
Pink Notebook.jpgSchool Supplies Get a Makeover
Send your kids back to school in style right down to their school supplies with PakNaks. Created by two enterprising moms from Portland, Or., these rubbery, velcro-backed, colorful decals can stick to just about anything and give kids creative carte blanche to make going back-to-school a little less painful.
With dozens of cute yet cool designs to choose from (we especially liked the cupcake, peace sign and b-ball), 3-D PakNaks add a textured stylish statement to notebooks, backpacks, pencil cases and so much more. Role Mommy’s kid testers got all Project Runway and added a few to denim jackets and sneakers which delivered a fun, funky flair.
The icing on the “cupcake,” the newest PakNaks are made with recycled materials and each decal costs only $3.99. Check out the complete collection at

The Crab Whisperer

I recently missed out on becoming a reality TV star so that I could go crabbing with my family on an annual tradition we had first experienced more than 13 years ago. You see, when my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) was working at his first job, his boss invited us to join his family on their annual expedition. Since I had never gone crabbing, I was up for anything – not realizing the trip would require us to wake up at 3 am, travel an hour to the dock where we would rent our boats before we’d shove off before the sun rose so we could rouse the crabs with smelly moss bunkers.
I have to admit – while I didn’t enjoy the getting up early part or the fact that we were confined to the boats for hours before we could return for a crab fest, what I loved was the thrill of the hunt. I’ve always had a knack for fishing – while I hate to actually eat fish, I love the excitement of reeling them in. In those early morning hours, I pulled up dozens of crabs and could instantly feel when a claw was tugging on my line. While I earned the nickname the Crab Whisperer after that fateful first trip, we gave up the sport while our kids were young and directed our attentions on toddler friendly vacations.
Fast forward 13 years – our kids are now perfect crabbing age and lucky for us, we received an invite to re-join our friends’ annual tradition. Little did I know the trip would coincide with my almost audition for the Food Network show “The Hopeless Homemaker” – I thought I’d be the perfect candidate for their new show about awful cooks and they invited me to audition this weekend – but unfortunately for me, I was going crabbing. As visions of early morning wake up calls danced through my head, I joked to my husband that I missed my big chance of becoming a sous chef and instead would be reeking from moss bunkers while someone else was on their way to becoming the next Rachel Ray. So much for instant stardom.
When we arrived, the familiar house we had stayed at before we went crabbing had changed. My hubby’s old boss had moved to a fabulous house on the water and the moment we arrived, they were grilling up a storm while kids were catching crabs off the dock. As we caught up on lost time, we found out that we wouldn’t be getting up at the crack of dawn. Instead, we were waking at 7am because this time, it wasn’t going to take us an hour to drive to the pier…it would take us about a minute and a half.
The following morning, we drove to the crabbing location – a drop dead gorgeous waterfront home with boats lined up along their private pier waiting for us to hop in and get busy. Oh what a difference more than a decade makes! And so, we shoved off and once again, with raw chicken for bait (I can’t decide if I was more grossed out by that or by the smelly fish we used to use) we dropped our lines in the water and I started catching crabs like wildfire. But as the morning progressed, I began to lose my touch and my daughter picked up the slack and began pulling them in. Gotta love that one.
The best part about our upscale crabbing trip was that we could go back to the dock as often as we wanted. We spent the entire day with our friends and their family and enjoyed delicious food and lots of great conversation. Plus, there was even a makeshift beach near the dock where we sat for hours on lounge chairs watching boats sail past as the kids caught jelly fish (eww) and crabs a few feet away.
By day’s end, I realized I would gladly give up a reality show audition for crabbing. There is nothing that quite compares to taking part in a family tradition – and even though they’re not exactly our family, (I kind of feel like the crabbing crashers) today was by far one of the best days of our entire summer. That’s what lasting memories are made of – good times, smelly crabs and re-connecting with old friends. In a word, priceless.

Cool Animation Site for Parents & Kids!

I’m no cartoonist, but check out this cool site I just stumbled upon because of the HARO (Help a Reporter Out) site (HARO is an amazing email blast for journalists, publicists, experts and entrepreneurs looking to get the word out on themselves) . It’s called Go Animate and it is so cool. I had so much fun I almost ran out of time to take a shower and get the kids ready for camp!

Peeing in Peace…The Book!

There is no rhyme or reason to why we’re doing so well on Amazon but hey, I can’t complain when I do a random sweep and notice that our book is #15 among parenting humor books and 30,000 in all books.  WTF?  It’s not like anyone has booked us on a talk show because we don’t have Phd.’s in potty training, we’re not child psychologists and our only claim to fame is that we frequently hob knob with celebrities who have no clue what it’s really like to juggle a family, a career and still have to pay the Con Ed bill and order Peapod or else your son will have to eat a sandwich made from weight watchers wheat bread since I forgot to go food shopping…again.  Don’t believe the Peeing in Peace hype? Just watch this video and get a sneak peak at what you’re missing…

Link Love

A few shout outs to some new members of The List and some link love to our favorite posts of the week.
First up – check out this post in WowOWow by bestselling author Jane Green – it’ll make you think twice about being a neighbor who’s nice, nosy or just plain nasty.
Next up – if you don’t have a clue what’s hot and what’s not for back to school, look no further than Cool Mom Picks – they just released their Back to School Guide and as usual, it’s chock full of great items and tons of discounts! 
Third, as a fellow Jewish mom who likes to throw in a little Yiddish from time to time to keep things interesting, we were contacted today by Modern Jewish Mom and when we took a look at the site, Oy Vey were we impressed.  If you are interested in exploring modern Jewish heritage with a touch of great humor, then this site is for you.  
We also heard from How to Do Things – a site that offers thousands of articles on how to do all kinds of things with your family – from childbirth to traveling – it’s all there so check it out!
That’s it for now…more Role Mommy shout outs tomorrow!

Forget the Staycation…Take A Roadtrip to Club Getaway

If you’re like us and have spent most of the summer close to home, we’re here to let tri-state area moms in on a cool vacation opportunity that’s a short drive away and we’re offering a discount on your mini-vacation if you book your trip today!
Club Getaway is a cool outdoorsy family friend vacation spot in Kent, CT and they are hosting some special family getaways in August.
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Club Getaway’s Family Weekend & Midweeks are a chance for your family to stay together and play together, while having the freedom to do all the things you most enjoy doing on your own. Adults will love all the sports, adventures and entertainment. Kids will discover an extra-special club all their own – The Club Getaway Kids Club and Teen Club. 

Your kids can spend all day in their fully supervised clubs, or join you for hiking, biking, swimming and lounging by the lake.
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