Pamper Me Please!

DSCN0004.JPGWhen I was a network television publicist, I spent most of my days catering to the outrageous demands of B-list celebrities who sometimes thought they were a lot more famous than they actually were. There were times when I was taken to task by a nasty personal publicist who literally made me cry when I didn’t put his client in a suite at a swanky SoHo hotel. Then there was the day that one actor told me I had put him in a clown car for the day (it was actually a Lincoln Town Car) and he was annoyed that I didn’t have the foresight to arrange for him to be carted all over town in a stretch limo.
My all time favorite horror story of a completely irrational celebrity, took place when I was nine months pregnant. As I attempted to coordinate a cover shoot for TV Guide with two actors and their female co-star, she proceeded to scream in my face because she did not like the way she was being treated during the 5 hour photo extravaganza. Meanwhile, that same actress was actually put up in a massive suite at one of the most expensive hotels in Manhattan and was pretty much given everything she wanted just because she was an evil shrew, and her personal publicist was even nastier than she was….if you can believe that!
After more than 11 years of dealing with unruly celebrities and evil personal publicists, I ditched the glamorous life to venture out on my own and what I’ve found as I’ve been building my business, is that I have learned a lot from those years of pampering ingrates. I actually like pampering people who appreciate the effort. And so, I’m making it my mission to pamper those moms who have never experienced what it’s like to be treated like a star.
At one of my most recent events, called Moms Night In, we actually brought the pampering right to my house with massage therapists, manicurists and free product demonstrations and giveaways from Slendertone, 4Real Foods and Karito Kids. You should have seen the smiles on the faces of our moms as they left the party. In my eyes, they were all stars that night and it made me realize that while I may have left the high life behind, it is so much more rewarding to connect with women who are finding a way to do what they love while raising a family – even if it means giving up that fancy corporate title so I can lead a balanced life on my own terms. If you’d like to see a video from our Mom’s Night In event, then check out the video below. We may be coming to a city near you so if you like what you see and want to be treated like Cinderella (even if it’s for one night), then email me at for details.

Weekly Writer Shout Outs

I know, I’ve been falling down on the job. It’s Friday and I haven’t posted much in this section, and so, I’m making up for it today by posting a link to the funniest post of the week. My favorite post comes in from Tracy Beckerman – if you secretly listen to your kids’ music and watch their TV shows when they’re not around, then you will totally love this essay!
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Andrea Recommends…Buddhi Wear


Thumbnail image for BABY_ONESIE_SPREADWINGS.Pink-1.jpgWhether your family’s idea of fun means rockin’ pretzel-like moves at the yoga studio or rockin’ reclining moves on the couch, what role mommy doesn’t find inner peace in comfort? Buddhiwear, a collection of yoga-inspired clothes for men, women and children, takes comfort to the extreme with tanks, tees, long-sleeve thermals and onesies made from 100% organic (read: pesticide- and fertilizer-free) cotton that feels OM so good. Upping the shanti–every item in the line chants fun sayings like “Yoga Diva, ” “I’m Just Here for Savasana,” and “Tree Hugger.”
What makes this line even more loveable? Buddhiwear was the brainchild of a laid up Yoga-teaching mom who, after combing catalog after catalog, identified a need for more affordable organic yoga wear, bringing savings to you, reducing chemicals wreaking havoc on the environment and, did, I mention, promoting jobs in the USA with its predominantly domestic manufacturing process. For more information on how to get your OM on, visit or call 410-997-2018. Enter or mention coupon code “MOMMY10” and receive 10% off your entire Buddhiwear purchase.

Bad Behavior – Co Comment Challenge Week II

Thumbnail image for 120x90 copy.pngThe Co comment parenting challenge continues and today if you comment, you can still win cash prizes (we’ll be announcing winners by the end of the month) so get ready to read my latest post and comment if you can relate!

Bad Behavior…

Funny how when you’re not with your kids, you become completely attune to the way other parents interact with their own children. And then you start to wonder…do I do that too? While we spent a few days away from our daughter and son, we’ve managed to eat in restaurants with screaming kids, we had pancakes next to a quartet of the rudest girls I’ve ever seen, and we noticed one woman in a book store who seemed to have a permanent frown on her face as she hissed at her daughter for being nasty to her.
Of course, since we were sans kids, we were able to pass judgement easily – why don’t those people tell their kids to stop throwing goldfish at the seagulls so that the beach isn’t overrun with dirty birds? Why won’t that woman take her wailing child out of this restaurant so that we all don’t have to hear her complain about not getting to play with the ketchup? Why would four of the rudest girls I’ve ever seen give a waitress such a hard time about ordering in a timely fashion and then leave in a huff because she politely asked them to clear out if all they were doing was taking up table space? And why would a mom tell her tween daughter to “Keep her attitude in check” when the pair were in a bookstore and the child couldn’t decide what beach read to buy?
Honestly, nowadays it feels like parents (yes myself included) are in desperate need of discipline lessons or an intervention from the Supernanny. As I mentally took note of kids misbehaving at every age level, what got me really concerned was that if a child acts out of turn their entire life, they can grow up to be a nasty adult who wears oversized glasses, carries a $500 purse and a look that says, “Don’t stare at me or I’ll say something very nasty to you.”
The one thing I did take away from our respite away from our kids was that no matter what, I do not want them to grow up rude. And that means, we need to be on hand to discipline them when they’re out of line – but not be completely nasty so that they mimic our rude behavior – and commend and maybe even reward them when they’ve played by the rules. I’m no parenting expert but all I can say is I’ve seen way too many kids this weekend, who were downright mean and disrespectful. When we drove back to my parents house to pick up my well-behaved children (joke), my time away made me realize that it’s never too late to make our kids aware that it’s time to keep that bad behavior under wraps, otherwise, one day down the road, they may get kicked out of a pancake house for having a bad attitude.
Have you had a run-in with rude kids and even ruder parents? Or do you have advice on how to deal with nasty children. Comment now and share your story

I Love My Cool Pix!

coolpix.jpgA few weeks ago, while I was at an at home video shoot with Better TV – yes, my life is so glamorous :), I noticed that the producer had a tiny camera that was as light as a feather that she used to take photos of herself with my client and from the moment I saw the camera, I was transfixed. Yes, I admit, I have become a self-proclaimed tech geek but when I see a product that takes great stills and video, then frankly, I am sold. While I still love my Flip, I raced to the camera store and purchased my very own Nikon Cool Pix. And all I have to say is…I LOVE IT!
But wait – you don’t need to see the picture of my Coolpix to see how great it is…take a look at the shot below taken from Parents Day at summer camp. Gotta love having a camera that fits in your purse and doesn’t weigh you down!DSCN0022.JPG

These are a Few of My Favorite Blogs…

In case you are just stopping by and have no clue what’s the difference between a blog and a website, I’m going to give a few shout outs to some of my favorite bloggers who are members of The List. Once you check them out, you’ll be saying to yourself, hey – how do I get to be a part of this incredible bunch? Simple, membership has it’s rewards!
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More to come…don’t want to bombard you all at once!

We Got A Shout out On Yahoo Shine!

Thanks to the fabulous Jen Singer, who is an author and mom blogger extraordinaire, we just got a nice shout out for Role Mommy on Yahoo Shine and the Good Housekeeping blog. Jen and I, along with Kim Coleman at Mom in the City and Randy Perskin at Single Minded Women, had a chance to do a mommy blog pow wow for Better TV that’ll air next month. What I discovered at that one hour session is that Jen is hilarious and her approach to life and family is amazing. She’s a cancer survivor who has managed to re-invent her life after learning of her prognosis and thankfully, ever since she beat the disease, she’s been playing tennis and pursuing her passion for writing while raising her family. Jen is a true Role Mommy and I’m so glad to have met her and to have become her friend! Check out Jen at Momma Said…you’ll be glad you did!