I Love My Cool Pix!

coolpix.jpgA few weeks ago, while I was at an at home video shoot with Better TV – yes, my life is so glamorous :), I noticed that the producer had a tiny camera that was as light as a feather that she used to take photos of herself with my client and from the moment I saw the camera, I was transfixed. Yes, I admit, I have become a self-proclaimed tech geek but when I see a product that takes great stills and video, then frankly, I am sold. While I still love my Flip, I raced to the camera store and purchased my very own Nikon Cool Pix. And all I have to say is…I LOVE IT!
But wait – you don’t need to see the picture of my Coolpix to see how great it is…take a look at the shot below taken from Parents Day at summer camp. Gotta love having a camera that fits in your purse and doesn’t weigh you down!DSCN0022.JPG