We Recommend…Eat This, Not That, For Kids!

image002.jpgI was recently sent a copy of a brand new food guide for families called Eat This, Not That For Kids! by NY Times best-selling author and Men’s Health editor in chief David Zincenko with Matt Goulding. After flipping through this easy to read book on the best foods to select for your kids at restaurants, the supermarket and even in the candy aisle, I have to admit, I love this book! In fact, it’s small enough to pop into your bag so you can take it with you to the supermarket or favorite fast food chain. Filled with pictures that show you exactly which foods are bad for kids (Twizzlers are “dyed ropes of high fructose corn syrup” – who knew?) and which ones are good (pizza bagels make the grade – hooray – since I always buy those), if you were ever wondering how to keep your kids healthy with all the food choices around us, then this is the book for you.
Plus, there even fitness activities for kids, menu suggestions for holidays and Halloween and much more. And best of all, if you comment on this post with a healthy food suggestion for kids, you can win a copy of this book! It’s that simple! So comment away and you can win a copy for your family. To purchase your own copy of Eat This, Not That for Kids, then click here.