The McCain Touche

Don’t count women out of the election just yet.  John McCain has just mixed things up big 

time by selecting Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, a mom of five and a former beauty queen as his running mate.  Take a look and let us know what you think!

Rebecca Recommends…Mamma Mia – The Sing A Long Edition

One of my roving reporters, my own daughter just let me know some breaking news. If you’re a fan of Mamma Mia, then do we have something fun for you! The movie is being released in a sing along edition in select theaters starting today! So get ready to belt out Dancing Queen, we know you know all the words! To find out the theater in your area featuring the sing-along edition of Mamma Mia, Click Here.

And Now…Here’s Obama!

Well Barack Obama, I have to admit it. I was disenchanted with you these last few months when all I heard from your camp was how badly you were trouncing Hillary Clinton, but you did it last night. You won me over again. Your sweeping oratory skills (did you memorize that entire speech), your promise to rid our nation of our dependence on foreign oil in the next 10 years, your commitment to end the U.S. occupation in Iraq and focus on ridding our world of terrorists and your pledge to provide our children with the education they need to become anything they want to be in life. If you missed his speech last night, once again, we have it for you – but this time in parts. CNN split it up so below is Part I…we’ll add Part II as soon as it pops up. Let us know what you think – is Barack your man or is the jury out until McCain hops into the ring with his VP selection? I guess only time will tell!

Role Mommy and Friends on BetterTV!

Beth joins some of her favorite blogging moms, Jen Singer with Momma Said, Kimberly Coleman with Mom in the City and Randy Perskin from Single Minded Women in a two part segment on Better TV! The moms sat down with host Rene Syler and Arden Greenspan-Goldberg, a wonderful psychotherapist who instructed us to give up the guilt and start doing the things we love too! But you don’t have to read about it! Take a look right now and be inspired!

For more great ways to balance your busy life, visit Better TV.