Andrea Recommends…The New Sesame Street!

Come and Play: The New Sesame
Sesame_Street_Homepage.jpgThere’s a new way for the web-savvy under five set to get their Elmo fix–the newly re-launched The entire ‘hood is there, with Muppets in residence educating and entertaining tots with games, adventures and loads of interactive fun.
The site runs on Flash and opens to a homepage featuring a rotating cast of characters that prompt users to engage in various activities that include old favorites from the original site and new content. Thousands of videos teach and entertain (many that will leave you with a nostalgic twinge) and hundreds of games promote counting, sorting, letter recognition and creativity.
Parents will love the customizable “Play List” which allows them to create their own experience by picking and choosing favorite characters, games and themes for their kids to play; the “Play Safe” feature prevents kids from navigating the web browser away from the Sesame Street content, thus securing and safeguarding kids’ online play.
One of our favorite features–the kid-friendly, oversized, star-shaped cursor that sparkles over anything clickable and makes navigation a piece of cake.