Andrea Recommends…Buddhi Wear


Thumbnail image for BABY_ONESIE_SPREADWINGS.Pink-1.jpgWhether your family’s idea of fun means rockin’ pretzel-like moves at the yoga studio or rockin’ reclining moves on the couch, what role mommy doesn’t find inner peace in comfort? Buddhiwear, a collection of yoga-inspired clothes for men, women and children, takes comfort to the extreme with tanks, tees, long-sleeve thermals and onesies made from 100% organic (read: pesticide- and fertilizer-free) cotton that feels OM so good. Upping the shanti–every item in the line chants fun sayings like “Yoga Diva, ” “I’m Just Here for Savasana,” and “Tree Hugger.”
What makes this line even more loveable? Buddhiwear was the brainchild of a laid up Yoga-teaching mom who, after combing catalog after catalog, identified a need for more affordable organic yoga wear, bringing savings to you, reducing chemicals wreaking havoc on the environment and, did, I mention, promoting jobs in the USA with its predominantly domestic manufacturing process. For more information on how to get your OM on, visit or call 410-997-2018. Enter or mention coupon code “MOMMY10” and receive 10% off your entire Buddhiwear purchase.