Andrea Recommends…Pak Naks

We have a brand new regular contributor to Role Mommy – mom of two girls, Andrea Forstadt, a former online marketing guru and beauty editor who is now on 24 hour bedrest until she gives birth to twins (that would be baby #3 and baby #4 if you’re keeping track)! Andrea is a fabulous writer who can spot a great product the minute she sees it and we’re thrilled that she’ll be sharing her insights with Role Mommy readers on must-have items for you and your kids!
Pink Notebook.jpgSchool Supplies Get a Makeover
Send your kids back to school in style right down to their school supplies with PakNaks. Created by two enterprising moms from Portland, Or., these rubbery, velcro-backed, colorful decals can stick to just about anything and give kids creative carte blanche to make going back-to-school a little less painful.
With dozens of cute yet cool designs to choose from (we especially liked the cupcake, peace sign and b-ball), 3-D PakNaks add a textured stylish statement to notebooks, backpacks, pencil cases and so much more. Role Mommy’s kid testers got all Project Runway and added a few to denim jackets and sneakers which delivered a fun, funky flair.
The icing on the “cupcake,” the newest PakNaks are made with recycled materials and each decal costs only $3.99. Check out the complete collection at