We Recommend…Eat This, Not That, For Kids!

image002.jpgI was recently sent a copy of a brand new food guide for families called Eat This, Not That For Kids! by NY Times best-selling author and Men’s Health editor in chief David Zincenko with Matt Goulding. After flipping through this easy to read book on the best foods to select for your kids at restaurants, the supermarket and even in the candy aisle, I have to admit, I love this book! In fact, it’s small enough to pop into your bag so you can take it with you to the supermarket or favorite fast food chain. Filled with pictures that show you exactly which foods are bad for kids (Twizzlers are “dyed ropes of high fructose corn syrup” – who knew?) and which ones are good (pizza bagels make the grade – hooray – since I always buy those), if you were ever wondering how to keep your kids healthy with all the food choices around us, then this is the book for you.
Plus, there even fitness activities for kids, menu suggestions for holidays and Halloween and much more. And best of all, if you comment on this post with a healthy food suggestion for kids, you can win a copy of this book! It’s that simple! So comment away and you can win a copy for your family. To purchase your own copy of Eat This, Not That for Kids, then click here.

The McCain Touche

Don’t count women out of the election just yet.  John McCain has just mixed things up big 

time by selecting Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, a mom of five and a former beauty queen as his running mate.  Take a look and let us know what you think!

Rebecca Recommends…Mamma Mia – The Sing A Long Edition

One of my roving reporters, my own daughter just let me know some breaking news. If you’re a fan of Mamma Mia, then do we have something fun for you! The movie is being released in a sing along edition in select theaters starting today! So get ready to belt out Dancing Queen, we know you know all the words! To find out the theater in your area featuring the sing-along edition of Mamma Mia, Click Here.

And Now…Here’s Obama!

Well Barack Obama, I have to admit it. I was disenchanted with you these last few months when all I heard from your camp was how badly you were trouncing Hillary Clinton, but you did it last night. You won me over again. Your sweeping oratory skills (did you memorize that entire speech), your promise to rid our nation of our dependence on foreign oil in the next 10 years, your commitment to end the U.S. occupation in Iraq and focus on ridding our world of terrorists and your pledge to provide our children with the education they need to become anything they want to be in life. If you missed his speech last night, once again, we have it for you – but this time in parts. CNN split it up so below is Part I…we’ll add Part II as soon as it pops up. Let us know what you think – is Barack your man or is the jury out until McCain hops into the ring with his VP selection? I guess only time will tell!

Role Mommy and Friends on BetterTV!

Beth joins some of her favorite blogging moms, Jen Singer with Momma Said, Kimberly Coleman with Mom in the City and Randy Perskin from Single Minded Women in a two part segment on Better TV! The moms sat down with host Rene Syler and Arden Greenspan-Goldberg, a wonderful psychotherapist who instructed us to give up the guilt and start doing the things we love too! But you don’t have to read about it! Take a look right now and be inspired!

For more great ways to balance your busy life, visit Better TV.

Joe Biden – I Hardly Knew Ya

I’m no political pundit, but I do like to inform Role Mommies from time to time so in case you missed Joe Biden’s speech yesterday, you can check it out and read about right here. When Barack Obama first named Joe Biden as his running mate, his announcement pretty much had no effect on me. That is until I heard about Biden’s personal story – the tragedy he’s faced in his own life – losing his first wife and daughter in a car accident and then rebuilding his life and raising his family all while remaining in public office.
He’s a man who came from modest beginnings and his son Beau, who introduced him is quite impressive too – I can’t wait to find out what he does in the future! In the meantime, I have to admit, Barack Obama did make a wise choice – I like this guy Joe Biden and he seems to have the experience necessary to complement Barack’s lack of foreign policy no how. Either way – watch the speech and decide for yourself.

Co comment Parenting Challenge – Week III!

120x90 copy.pngIt’s week three of the co comment parenting challenge so hopefully you know the drill, read my post and get ready to comment because you can win cash prizes! At the end of the month we’ll be awarding prizes to our winners so hopefully this topic will hit home with you and will get you inspired to let your fingers do the typing.
Dressing Room Disaster…
It happened again. After inhaling french fries, pizza, wine, cookies, cakes, smoothies, ice cream and other calorie laden foods that normally go right to the back of my thighs, I am once again facing a weighty problem. Translation – I need to go on a diet.
The icing on the cake, so to speak, took place yesterday at an outlet mall. While vacationing with friends, the hubbies dutifully took the kids to a water park while my girlfriend and I decided to hit our favorite stores. But a funny thing happened on the way to J Crew and Banana Republic. Either they’ve started to cut their sizes a lot smaller than they used to, or my tush is now about the size of Delaware. Either way, when I excitedly grabbed an adorable selection of outfits to try on at Banana, I had a serious wake up call with my dressing room mirror when nothing, and I repeat NOTHING fit properly. The skirts were all snug around my hips, the shirts pinched my flabby arms and even my middle – which normally is flat, hung out of a dress that I thought would look so cute on me at a Bar Mitzvah we’re attending next week.
Recently, I read a blog post about how dressing room disasters usually cause women to go on diets immediately after they stare at their cellulite ridden thighs. Well, I have to agree, my rude awakening in the Banana Republic dressing room has left me with no choice. It’s time to either hit Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, the Zone, Atkins or some other cockamamie diet so I can be thin by Christmas.
There honestly is no justice when it comes to me and weight loss. I’m always chubby in the summer and then I slim down in the winter. And so, here I am again, with a few more french fries and barbecues to inhale before the official end of my personal chow down.
If you have any suggestions on how I should attack my weight loss this time around or if you’re facing a weight loss crisis, or if you believe that Banana Republic and J Crew are intentionally making their sizes smaller to make me feel fat, then weigh in now!

Michelle Obama – I Think I Like Her

I have to admit, I didn’t know what to make of Michelle Obama. I’ve been hearing rumors that she’s uptight, tough as nails and guarded. And then, last night, I wanted to see for myself what she was all about. And you know what? She’s pretty damn impressive and seems pretty grounded too. I guess that’s why she and her husband earned Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement almost a year ago.
Michelle grew up on the South Side of Chicago, was raised by a stay at home mom and her hard working dad who developed multiple sclerosis early in his life. Despite their modest beginnings, Michelle and her brother Brian attended Ivy League schools and while both could have pursued careers making tons of money in finance and law, they followed their hearts and did what they love. Brian is now a basketball coach at the University of Oregon and Michelle devoted her life to public service, her husband and of course, her two daughters, who are absolutely adorable. But don’t listen to me, make your own decision whether you like her or not by reading her speech. Better yet, if you want to watch it, then here it is…

And for more behind the scenes video of Michelle and her girls, check out this clip. Trust me, I think you’ll be impressed by what you see.

Andrea Recommends…The New Sesame Street!

Come and Play: The New Sesame Street.org
Sesame_Street_Homepage.jpgThere’s a new way for the web-savvy under five set to get their Elmo fix–the newly re-launched Sesamestreet.org. The entire ‘hood is there, with Muppets in residence educating and entertaining tots with games, adventures and loads of interactive fun.
The site runs on Flash and opens to a homepage featuring a rotating cast of characters that prompt users to engage in various activities that include old favorites from the original site and new content. Thousands of videos teach and entertain (many that will leave you with a nostalgic twinge) and hundreds of games promote counting, sorting, letter recognition and creativity.
Parents will love the customizable “Play List” which allows them to create their own experience by picking and choosing favorite characters, games and themes for their kids to play; the “Play Safe” feature prevents kids from navigating the web browser away from the Sesame Street content, thus securing and safeguarding kids’ online play.
One of our favorite features–the kid-friendly, oversized, star-shaped cursor that sparkles over anything clickable and makes navigation a piece of cake.